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For over a third of a century I have had darkish hair, I wear glasses. I watch too much TV. I read a little. I gave up smoking on 1st January 2007. I would rather be in Hawaii. In 2005, I held the title of ``Greatest Sword in all France'' In 1991 I won a the 1V form prize.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Burt Reynolds

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It is with considerable sadness I note the passing of Burt Reynolds
One of my favourite actors. I grew up watching Smokey and the Bandit. Catching sneaked views of it, during bank holidays. I bought the DVD, when I was older and I understood things, like the reference to Richard petty.
How smart you sound depends on what part of the country you are in

W man who would wear feathers to a minister's funeral

 When I got older I saw Deliverance, a truly brutal film. I was pleased by the return to the spotlight with boogie nights. But he missed more then he hit. The man passed over Han Solo, and Indiana Jones

Actor. Athlete , Seminole Indian

Sunday, September 02, 2018

The reason why I jump


Obviously I cannot critique this book, like a normal story.
It is not a biography but a rather a catechism. Trying to explain the Autistic mind.
The book has some prose, which I found hard to follow.

Death in the Andes

A great set of vignettes sorry about the plot.

I liked the death of Senora Harcourt, and the story of the mute Pedrito Tinoco. It gets the horror of the Peruvian dirty war, against Sendero across well. Poor Pedrito is tortured and the attack on the small town, in which Sendero force people at gunpoint to stone their neighbours

 That said it is full of cliche, the Fat mob boss beating up the prostitute and the civil guard shooting them. The story of the central character bores me.
It was good, to get a glimpse of Peru, that some of my friends and neighbours new. Radio Piura and roadblocks, lighting kerosene The memory of the long legged dancer in a forgotten movie

The less said about the naked ladies and eternal hard on's plots the better

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