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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Round up

A happy and prosperous 2019 to you all

I had a decent Christmas

 I played Santa at work, this was interesting and often fun.
With the exception of one Thursday where the system crashed and we were playing catch up all day.
That and one particular set of teens, who really did not want to have their pictures taking.
I got to hold a lot of babies and chat with kids.

I liked the girl who asked for a blue diamond

I got my daughter an Amazon tablet, and I received Amazon Alexa

My daughter is well. She went to a chifa restaurant last night

The Enemy of the World

Patrick Troughton has not met many Mexicans His accent as Salamander crosses the Med, several times, but I don't think it manages to  go as far as Mexico
The second Doctor wears long johns
Victoria is quite pretty. There is a cook that complains about everything... no microwave. Granted that is class thing.
It seems there are two plots meshed together here.
The Salamander as a megalomaniac trying to take over the world. The deception of the ``survivors'' from the faked nuclear war.  I am not really sure if the former plot makes sense. I don't understand why the Salamander would bother with them. Was it supposed to be a harem, why? Yes it is his way of controlling the Suncatcher satellite but ehh really ??
PS, I would love to see a Suncatcher satellite floating in orbit completely forgotten about in New Who
The Universe of 2019 has an older woman pushing about a large pram. Despite the rockets leaving between Sydney and central Europe. There is also a hovercraft, this is the past's future
The food taster is a pretty black woman Fariah. She is killed off in true Hollywood style, it is also hinted I think that Salamander had used her as a concubine
Zones would be mentioned again in the battle with the Merka
One might make political capital of a Mexican employing robot harvesters.
Troughton does some great work flipping between characters in a heartbeat.
Its nice to see someone thrown out of the Tardis..

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