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Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Rest in peace

I was saddened to learn, of the passing of my friend Mr David Lowe

North Westerner, Public servant, Patriot

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Get well soon baba

Kisses my love

Babylon 5 the Medical

The medical

Scenes which must have happened

Commander Sinclair's first medical with Steven Franklin. The scene is  Med Lab, Babylon 5
A consulting room.  Commander Sinclair is sitting on a bed. The curtain is pulled back. An African American man, comes in smiles, and looks at a sheet

Dr Franklin: Hello Commander, I am Dr S Franklin. It is nice to meet you.
Sinclair : Hello Doctor, it is good to meet you too. I see you don't waste time.  I see you have my records ready
Dr F: Yes, I like to do my homework before the teacher sets it. Hmm A bit of high w cell count..Okay Comander  you know how this goes. For now I want you to strip off down to your underwear

Sinclair, begins to undress.

Dr Franklin, looking at his notes. Pokes and prods, Sinclair. Checks the commanders pulse. Scans him with widgets

 Dr Franklin: ``Huh.. what are these bruises about your ribs?''. ( Franklin is touching the chest of Sinclair)
Sinclair:`` I honestly don't know I woke up with them after the battle of the line. Maybe i hit something on my ship''
Dr Franklin: `` It looks like someone cracked your ribs' Where you ever really beaten up?' 
Commander Sinclair: I don't know
Dr, I have only seen similar, once before. It was a vicious prison beating
Commader Sinclair. : You don't say

Dr Franklin : (Who has returned to his work) Any headaches, shortness of breath...?

Sinclair :No

Dr Franklin :``What are these marks, under your fingernails...?''
Sinclair..`` I don't know either  I woke up in my star-fighter after the battle of the line.. and they were there'' 
Dr, Franklin  That is weird, it looks like someone tried to shove something between your fingernails and fingers.
Sinclair why would someone do that..?
Dr Franklin well.. the Nazis did it..

Sinclair : Really...
Dr Franklin.. ``Okay Commander, I need you to drop your boxers, and cough''
Sinclair, sighs and coughs. Looks to the wall.
Dr Franklin : ``Oh, that is weird you have these marks, on your testicles. It looks like someone attached electrodes to them. When did this happen...?
Sinclair : ``Well, it seems to have been after the..
Dr Franklin The battle of the line ,Yeah I get it...
Dr Franklin, ``Well that is everything.. Generally How do you feel?'' Nothing bothering you or anything? Sleeping well?''
Sinclair : ``No, I feel fine. How do you sleep at night Dr?''

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