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Monday, August 29, 2011

The Impossible Astronaut


(Midway through the series, I decided to write reviews, someone said they were more like walkthroughs of the Doctor Who episodes, of 2011. This review is written, after I have seen the episode a few times, thanks to my DVD recorder and I player.)


The teaser begins with Matt Smith, having fun as the Doctor. A man, forces his way into a room, its the 17th century, all wigs and breeches. Mat Smith Doctor has been painted nude, as a God of some such, with a trident. The Doctor is discovered half naked, hiding under a ladys skirt.

Rory and Amy, are sitting at home, on their couch. Their home is rather nice. They are watching laurel and Hardy. ( I assume it must be in the Public Domain) The Doctor appears, on screen and frolics.

Then there is a rattle from the letter box, and a letter addressed to the Newly weds appears. Its in Tardis blue, and has a map co ordinate written upon it

Rory and Amy set off to visit the Doctor. They reach the rendezvous, with the Doctor, via a school bus, with backpacks, on their shoulders. Like any gap year couple

The Doctor is sitting in the Desert, wearing a stetson. I wear a Stetson, now. Stetsons are cool
A gunshot, blows the Stetson off the Doctors head. Its river song. River had received a letter earlier, at her cell, at the Storm Cage confinement facility

River and the Doctor Sync, the journals. They remiss over Jimmy the Fish, and his Dam.

So they have a picnic. The Doctor, relates his plans, he has been running for a long time, but now he wants to go and explore. He wants to visit the Space program in 1969.

He (The Doctor )is 1103, you know. Amy asks the Doctor, why the last time, he met, the Doctor was only 908 years old. The Doctor counters that Amy has put on some weight, but he was not going to mention it. ( Married life, Mrs Pond). The Doctor tries some wine, and than spits it out, he says its horrible, he thought it would taste like the wine gums

(I agree with the time lord. Wine is gross)

Amy see's someone out of the corner of her eye, a long and unhuman figure. As she turns, she forgets it

The moon has risen, over the lake, and the Doctor observes, big silvery thing in the sky, the Human race, could not ignore it, however there is more to 1969, than just the moon landing

An SUV draws up and an old man, gets out of the vehicle, he nods at the doctor and than an Astronaut walks out of the lake, from nowhere. The Doctor tells his companions, to stay where they are, and not to interfere, in what happens

The Doctor walks up to the astronaut, and tells them, softly. ``Hello I know who you are, its okay''

A gun shot, strikes the doctor. The Doctor begins to regenerate, the Golden fire, from inside the time lord is lit. The Miracle is about to happen again/ Amy rushes towards the Doctor
The Doctor is struck again, by the same weapon.

The Doctor falls.

River draws her weapon and shoots at the Astronaut. She fans the hammer, as the Astronaut retreats into the lake.

``I'm so sorry,'' says the Doctor, as he expires ( The words of the Tenth)

Amy, is trying to make sense, of what has happened to her beloved friend. It must be a clone, or something the Doctor cannot be dead.

The stranger introduces himself, he is Canton Everett Delaware III the man is the doctor, and he is dead. He hands, the mourners a can of gasoline. River understands, the significance of this. A timelords body is a miracle. There are whole empires, who would tear the Earth apart just to get a cell.

Rory notices a boat by the shore. They give the Doctor, a Viking funeral. Amy is still stunned asking, begging of river, what they should do.

River asks Canton, why did he come. Canton shows them, his letter. The Doctor asked me to. He than tells Dr Song, Amy and Rory, that he won't see them again, but they will be seeing him again.

The companions, make their way to a diner. Still trying to make sense of the day. Needing to talk, needing to be together. Its hit Amy hard

The Doctor, enters from the Bathroom. He is slapped hard by River song. This is cold, even by your standards. The Doctor is surprised. He recognizes Amy, and Rory the Roman. The Doctor had been summoned here, to this map reference. He had been sent the same Tardis Blue invite

River asks Amy to ask the Doctor, how old he is. When the doctor answers, 909. River realizes something is amiss. She asks the Doctor about Jim the fish. The Doctor does not recall, nor Space 1969. Its a younger Doctor, River realizes what has happened and won't tell the Doctor. She hides behind, her old catch all of spoilers

The Doctor asks Rory is everyone cross with him?

Amy asks river how she can be so calm. River replies she has a worse day coming

The Companions ask each other, why they have been summoned here. To avenge the Doctor, No. that's not his style says River. Besides the Doctor has interacted with the events of his own past. that's dangerous

The Doctor, has received a summons too, so why? the Doctor is suspicious of his companions why are they acting so strangely

Dr song, who are you, Why are you in prison, who did you kill. The Doctor is coolly unimpressed by the request of the archaeologist to trust him. Than Amy requests the Doctor to Trust her instead. The Doctor asks why, is Amy and the rest behaving like this, are they being threatened?

Amy is asked, by the Doctor, to swear to him, swear on something important

``Fish Fingers and Custard''

In Washington, a man is drinking in a bar. He is summoned by two suits. Two secret service men, to a meeting with the president. President Nixon, has been getting strange phonecalls. He wants someone to handle it. Someone with FBI training but outside the FBI. So former agent Canton, is tasked with the duty, of finding out who has been calling the president.

The phone call is played back, on the tape, its a childs; voice. Canton, asks is it a little girls voice. President Nixon corrects him, its a little boy. The child's voice is asking for help, he says the spaceman is after him....

Meanwhile in the Tardis, the Doctor. is urging caution. He is going to set, the Tardis to invisible, he doesn't often do this as its a big drain on the power. The Time Lord warns his friends that they are about to enter, the most powerful city, in the most powerful country of the world. River quietly corrects the controls, that the Doctor had used to set the Tardis to invisible

The Doctor steps out, into the Oval office, as yet unnoticed by Canton, and the President
Who are still listening to the child. The President asks where, the child is? who it is. The answer of Jefferson Adams, Madison is supplied in return

The Doctor is noticed. He makes, an excuse, that this is the oval office, and he was looking for the oblong room.

Thw white house goes into Lock down. The Doctor is bundled to the floor, by a squad of secret service agents. There are many guns.

``River make it blue''. The Tardis becomes Visible, the doctor escapes in the confusion, to park himself behind the desk at the oval office

Its a police box, the Doctor, claims, to be on a mission from Scotland Yard, with three of the best agents. The Legs, the Nose, and Mrs Robinson. ( River did not approve of the last choice) and furthermore the Doctor goes on to contradict the chief executive of the United States and agree with Canton. It is a girls voice they heard

That's very clever, says Canton, who is told, off for complimenting the intruder, by the head of secret service team. Canton is unimpressed, and points out to the Mr Nixon, that the Doctor, got the blue box, into the oval white house, past the secret service, and into the oval office.

The President agrees with Canton, the Doctor can stay

The Doctor than asks for, a swat team ready to go, Maps of Florida, 12 Jammy dodgers, and a Fez!

Canton asks for Maps of Florida, to be brought into the Doctor. The Doctor is given 5 minutes.
Amy has a duty of her own to attend to, she asks to use the Bathroom. She is escorted to the toilet door, by a secret service man

Inside the restrooms. Amy see's one of the black suited silence. She recognizes it from the lake. They are tall, and grey. The toilet flushes, and an older woman, walks out. She sees the silence, and laughs, is it a mask, is it a Star trek gag? Amy asks the woman to get away from the silence, when the woman, faces Amy, she forgets the alien in front of her.

The Silence than kills the older woman,

Amy realizes what has happened, The Silence cannot be remembered once, they are not seen, so she takes a picture, of them with her phone. The Silence speaks. Judy, the older woman, was called Judy, The Silence wanted Amy to know the name of the woman he killed. Amelia pond, is told, that she must tell the Doctor, what he must never know. Amelia, must tell the Doctor, he will die

Amy leaves the Bathroom, and returns to the Oval Office. Though not before she is questioned by a secret service agent about her phone

In the Oval office, the child has called again. The Doctor instructs the President, to tell, the child that help is coming, and that the Spaceman, that he fears, will not get him. The President, tells Jefferson its alright,as Rory Amy, The Doctor, Dr Song, and Canton, go to Florida, in the Tardis

On entering the Tardis Canton gets his ``Bigger on the inside moment'' Rory complains about having to explain this, but Mr Pond is informed it is his duty as he is the newest member of the TARDIS crew

The Doctor takes his companions, and Canton, to Florida, a warehouse located on the junction of three streets. Jefferson street Adams, and Madison.

So How long have Scotland Yard had this? asks Canton...Upon vacating the Tardis, and entering the warehouse, the Time and relative dimension travelers find that there is a collection of advanced 1960s technology, with some Alien tech. Why would Aiens want a space suit?

`because there Cool Aliens, what do you think, I am?'', muses the Doctor shamelessly fishing for compliments

River and Amy talk, while examining the tech. I know what your thinking River tells, Amy. You think if we can kill the astronaut in 1969, he won;t be there to kill the doctor, in the future.

Time can be rewritten, is the hope Amy hopes against hope. That she will be able to help the Doctor avoid his fate.

Noticing a manhole cover, River decides to explore it. The doctor cautions her to be careful, she replies she is quite the screamer. If there is trouble they will all now
I am quite the screamer!''

River clambers down the manhole cover. She comes to a hatch leading off to a nest of tunnels. River sees the silence, sleeping like bats, on the ceiling. However she looks away and announces the all clear, to her companions

Topside Canton wonders if he is still drinking in that bar, in DC. Where the Secret service found him, and brought him, to the President. Alien incursions, and trans dimensional boxes, are enough to put anyone off there stride. The Doctor tells Amy to look after Canton and asks Rory to follow River. Rory does not really want to go down a dark tunnel, which may be full of Aliens, but he does anyway....

The tunnels are ancient, and radiate out to a locked hatch. River works on the hatch. Rory asks River, how she took the Doctors death, so easily. Dr Song replies to Mr Williams, there is a worse day coming for her
One day, she will see the Doctor, and he won't recognize her. The Man, who dropped into a young girls life, and knew everything about her, will one day look into her eyes, and not know her. Rory's reply when he is asked, do you know what happens, when a young girl, meets her dream man, is spot on. ``I don't have to imagine'' sighs Rory Williams.

River manages to pick the lock on the hatch, and they get inside the control room. An Alarm goes off, the Silence wake. Rory and River flee. The Silence are lose

Amy and Delware, are chatting. Amy is asked, by Canton Delware, who the Doctor is? She replies it is classified.However Mrs Pond does tell Canton the Doctor is her friend

Alerted by the alarms, and panicked by the approach of the Silence Amy runs to the Doctor's side. She keels over. She says to the Doctor, I need to tell you something, we can hear the childs voice. ``Help me help me'' The Silence are coming

Amy confides in her raggedy Doctor. `I'm pregnant''

The Astronaut enters, the room.The Doctor stands and faces, the foe. Oblivious to the danger. Amy grabs a revolver that Canton had dropped, The Doctor demands of Amy what she is doing, she answers, ``saving your life, and screams and shoots at the Astronaut

Cue Credits


We saw the Doctor die.

Moffat, has grokked time travel in a way that Russel T Davis never did. So, we have two doctors from two centuries apart interacting with the companions

Love the Mrs Robinson, line.

For the Cousins, we get weasel words on Richard Milhouse Nixon.

This quite an adult show, senility- we have Rivers description of seeing a Doctor who does not know who she is. Death, Amy dealing with the death of the Doctor, and its not a clone, or an Android. Its the real thing. Oh and pregnancy. Amy is a mother

Does the woman in the white house, wc, look to anyone else like Mrs Landingham in the West wing, to anyone else

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