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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lets kill Hitler, Doctor Who

Lets kill Hitler


Listen to River Song


After a recap, of the first half of the series....The Silence, The battle of Demons run, and the identity of Melody Pond-River song

Rory and Amy concerned about their daughters plight left a message for the Doctor, in the form of a crop circle. Which the Ponds had made by driving their mini, in the corn fields if Leadworth. Actually I remember Leadworth being green hilly country. Anyway the Doctor has noticed this and attempts to assure the proud parents of Dr River Song that their baby will be fine. Whence Amy notices a streak across, the picture of the name Doctor, in the paper. A sportscar rushes to the Tardis and a beautiful mixed race woman, steps out of the car, its Amy and Rory oldest friend. Mel

Mel, is being hunted, by the police, as the sirens, and Helicopter. Mel is also suprised to see how hot, the Doctor is, but she is pressed for time

``You've got a time machine, I've got a gun lets go kill Hitler''


After the credits, there is a flashback, to Amy and Rorys Childhood, in Leadworth. Amy is explaining her meeting with the Doctor to Mel. Mel asks is the Doctor Hot, and Amy says no, he is funny. Rory tries to get Amys attention. As Mel, gets into trouble, again and again, at primary school, and than at high school. Mel, is being released from a cell, Mel, had been something of a trouble maker in Leadworth. Citing the Doctor, at inopportune moments.

Mel, has grown up all pretty. My my

Seriously cut to the song. Mel, is sitting on Amy's bed. Playing with her toy/model tardis. She looks at Amy, and Rory, and after sizing them up. Seriously cut to the song... Announces the surly young me. She tells Amy that she has Rory. Rory seeing his chance, stops at the door. His heart must be louder, than an earthquake.

How has she got me?
Amy than, says it is impossible, because Rory is Gay- Rory says it is impossible because Amy is his friend. Rory announces to the room, and the world, that he is not Gay. Amy tells Master Dravil is asking him, in ten years when has he shown any interest in any female.

Poor Rory who we had seen, earlier playing Hide and Seek, and blindmans buff with Rory. Poor Rory who has been in love with Amy, for all his life. Runs

Miss Pond follows, him and Mel sits on the bed content

We here shouting from the Tardis, the Doctor berating, Mel for having fired a gun. Mel replies, that the doctor had said, the Tardis control room exists in a state of temporal grace, and a weapon cannot be fired in there. This is not true as the events of Earth Shock prove

Meanwhile, we are in Hitlers, Berlin. ( I wonder if the BBC, borrowed the footage, or used Belfast) Swastikas and Nazis. A Nazi, looking something like Captain Hans Geering from Allo Allo) walks down the corridor, of the ReichChanzellry. While a janitor mops the floor.

Something is up The cleaner, follows the Nazi

The camera shows us the control room of are sent back in time, to punish war criminals. A crew member goes to get a good look at the Nazi. The controls are not as effective as they could be. They made Rasputin look Green. ( Was Rasputin a war criminal? I am not sure)

However the crew member, a Harriet if you please. Harriet has not updated her protocols, her wristband, is red rather than green, and is almost killed by the ships security systems. Anyway the camera reveals that Harriet is looking upon the Nazi not from a satellite but rather through the eyes of the cleaner. The cleaner, is home to a crew of humans. Working for a future justice department

Who are you, what do you want demands the NSDAP flunkie. Before his eyes the cleaner transformers, into a doppelganger of the Nazi. The man-ship recognizes this Nazi as Eric something. Guilty of category 4 hate crimes. After taking his glasses, the Reich Ranker, is shrank, and left to the mercies of the ships automated robotic security system

So the Ersatz Eric, goes off to see the Fuhrer, its a bumpy ride, as the shock absorbency in the legs are out of sync.

``What do you want?'' demands Hitler from behind his desk, as Eric advances. Eric announces that the room, has been screened, and advises Hitler not to call for help. Eric attacks Hitler with some sort of Death ray,

From inside of Eric, a crew member says wait its 1938, its too early. As the Tardis crashes into the room. Knocking Eric down

Out out out, orders the doctor, as Rory, Mel, Amy Pond and the Doctor leave the Tardis
Rory, sees Eric on the floor, and rushes to his side. Rory is a nurse, in the real world.
Mr Williams announces that Eric is fine. The Doctor having taken Mels Gun, places it in a bowl of fruit.

and than he stands up

Herr Shcuklegruber, A former Viennese Vagrant and failed artist, a corporal in the Imperial German army. The leader of the National socialist and German workers party.


There is a moment of horrible recognition. As Rory, and Amy and the Doctor, realize whom they are talking to

Thank you says, the supreme leader of the German reich, you have just saved my life''

The Doctor, assures Hitler, it was an accident. Hitler, has seen the Tardis, and demands to know what it is. The Doctor tells, Hitler that it is a police phone box, from London, and that the British are coming.

Eric rises, from the floor. Hitler notices this and starts to shoot. Rory surprises Hitler, and punches him. Disarms, him, and bundles Hitler, into a stationary cupboard.

The crew of Eric seeing the events have decided to run dark, and run quiet. Eric faints, a perfect faint observes the Doctor.

Mel, who has been forgotten in the excitement Announces that Hitler is a lously shot.

The crew of Eric, have clocked the Tardis, they are astounded, Hitler is small fry, to whats on offer

Our Heroes are clustered around their fallen companion. Stay with the smells, they tell her. Mel, says she used to dream of the Doctor. She used to dream of marrying him. The Doctor promises to marry Mel Mel, suggests that he has to ask her parents. Which is easy, because they are there. Rory and Amy...

The Penny is in the air... The Penny drops, as the Gold fire of regeneration,

Mels, is Melody Williams/Pond. She is river song....and Amy got to raise her after all.

Its River Song.

River finds regeneration is exhilaration. She enjoys the new hair, the new look, its so mature.
She stands on her chair, and greets our heroes with ``Hello Benjamin''

Melody Williams, asks who is River Song. The reply is Spoilers. Hitler is banging from the Cupboard door, where he has been confined.

There follows a confrontation between The Doctor and River. River pulls a gun on Doctor, she had picked up Hitlers revolver. Surely it should be a Luger. However the Doctor, had stripped the revolver of it bullets. I know you did, replies, River, who makes a grab for the pistol that the doctor had stashed. The Doctor having reversed the bowl of fruit. Rivers grab for a paper knife, is parried by the sonic screwdriver. Another grab, for the Gun, is rendered inert by the doctor stripping the pistol of its magazine.

When asked, why Melody did not kill the Doctor, in the cornfield. She answers she is a psychopath, but not rude. Oh and besides she has already struck the fatal blow.

The kiss.

Mummy Daddy don't follow me, and that is a warning'' Rivers parting words to her parents

This was, the result of Demons run. A bespoke Psychopath was created to kill the Doctor. River is about to leap out the window. Berlin, on the brink of war, on the brink of a world war.
``My kind of town''

river river river, Meoldy keeps asking whom that is

It was never going to be a gun. Not for the Doctor, the man who understands every kind of warfare except the cruelest

Kiss kiss, and she jumps. Melody Ponds, leaps into view of a German patrol. As the Doctor stumbles having been poisoned. He is asked why River, would want to poison him, he recalls river has been brainwashed, or rather indoctrinated. The doctor, asks Rory and Amy to help him return into the Tardis. The Sonic is entrusted to Amy, and Rory.

Melody confronted by the patrol, announces, she was on her way to a Gay Gypsy bar mitvah for the disabled when I thought the third Reich is a bit rubbish, I know I'll kill the Furher. The German officer on seeing this walks away in disgust, and tells his men, to shoot her.

They fire, Melody stumbles and then stands, informing her assailants never to shoot a girl just after she has regenerated. A flash of the gold fire, kills the patrol. ``never shoot a girl while she is regenerating '' Rory and Amy, having made their way to street level confront Melody
Who announces, that she is in a new body, in a new city she is going shopping

A german sentry confronts Amy and Rory. Rory says there is an explantion for this, and gives the Hitler salute. knocking the sentry over. He takes the motobike, his wife asks him, can he ride a motor bike. I expect so, answers Rory that sort of day.

They ride off looking for Melody.

Meanwhile the crew of the Man-ship, having observed events, are chasing the Ponds. They have taken the form of a motorcyclist, and speed off, indoors, we here the Doctors death, as a fixed point. However time, can be written, we are informed. Remember Kennedy

The Doctor, is in the Tardis, prostrate, he is too ill, to use the controls, and asks for the voice interface to be activated.

A holographic form of the Doctor appears facing him.

No, it should be someone I like. The image of Rose Tyler appears, No to much Guilt, Martha Jones, and the same problem, and than Donna Noble. No, there must be someone in the galaxy I have not screwed up

Amy Pond. As a little girl, appears. The one the Doctor met, in the eleventh hour, when he crashed into her garden.

I am not Amelia pond I am a voice activated interface. The Doctor notes how Caledonian, this attitude is. Amelia tells the Doctor he has been poisoned. The Doctor will be dead in 32 minutes. Regeneration is not an option. The Doctor will be dead in 32 minutes. The Doctor has been poisioned with the fruit from the Judas Tree, and he will be dead, in 32 minutes. The Doctor is annoyed at this, pointing out, that there is 31 minutes where he will be fine. The Tardis via Amelia responds, that the Doctor will be after 31 minutes, dead on the thirty second. The Doctor again notes this North of the Border attitude and observes that the Scots have never conquered anywhere, not even Shetland. ( This is an odd criticism, from the Doctor)

The doctor begs, Pond for something for the pain, she pauses, and answers, ``Fish Fingers and Custard''

The clientele of an upscale eatery are enjoying the good food, and wines. A female trio of classical musicians, serve the elite of Nazi Berlin. Melody pond, storms the restaurant brandishing two assault rifles, and announces, she has not got a thing to wear... she tells everyone to strip off.

Rory, and Amy have been searching Berlin, which is a big place. (Indeed Berlin is spread out wider, than London and Paris. Amy and Rory are wondering how they will find River/Melody) When a crowd of half dressed, Germans fleeing from a building lead them to believe that something may be amiss, and River/Mel may be at the bottom of it.

All this as a clone of Amy, on a motorbike, draws up beside them....

Rory and Amy are transported. The wake as Rory notes reduced, to micro size, inside a giant robot repilca of his wife. Rory Williams, hopes that this is not a metaphor. Amy asks what happens to them, and Rory replies, they were hit by a miniaturization ray. Amy asks of her husband, how can he know this, Rory replies, they were struck by a ray and minaturized, thus. Than the Pond-williams are chased by the robotic antibodies, which killed, the real Eric the Nazi earlier. Answering Amelia's question of what is it that attacks them, Rory replies, he does not know, and besides its his wife, head

The happy couple, are saved, when one of the crew members bring them, the security pass bracelets, we saw Harriet use earlier, the flash of green light, and the robot antibodies are calmed. After telling the shaken Mr and Mrs pond, that they can put there hands down. They are escorted to the Bridge, and introduced and welcomed to Justice Department ship 6018

Melody williams, is still finding something to wear, she had earlier scolded Robot Amy-Man ship for following her. However Melody is now musing on the aftermath of regeneration. Mel wonders if she should take the age, down gradually, just to freak people out.

Robot Amy-6018 asks River/Mel is she aware she killed the Doctor on the orders of the Silence. Melody confirms, this, and is on the receiving end of a painful death ray
Ask Melody river,writhes in red fire,

Enter the Tardis, and Exit the Doctor, in Top hat, and tails

The Doctor, observes Amelia pond, as robot, and says he is not surprised. He asks robot Amelia, to stop hurting Melody. The Robot, asks if the Doctor, is serious. He answers never seriously.
Never knowingly be serious, rule 423. The Doctor instructs Melody to write this down

The Doctor goes over to examine robot Amy. He asks if Rory and real Amy are alright, they signal him, with the sonic, which the doctor receives with his sonic cane. Yes, the Doctor has a sonic cane. The Doctor scans, robot Amy. Ahh, its full of little people, using a compression field, rather than bigger on the inside. (Bigger on the inside, is a mark of Time lord tech) The doctor counsels the crew of 6018, to be careful what they eat. Compression fields are unreliable

Robot Amy, continues to fire, upon Melody. The Doctor, asks them not to harm, Melody. The Captain of the 6018, asks of the Doctor, it is the woman who kills him, why should the doctor care? The Doctor is dying after all.

The Doctor asks the crew of robot Amy, Justice department
Throughout History many criminals have gone unpunished. Having acquired time travel, the Justice department have tracked down, the guilty throughout History, and at the end of their timeline, then they have given them Hell,

Melody Pond, kills the Doctor, and must be punished.

One of the best lines, in the series, follows, `` I'd ask you who you think you are, but thats obvious, so, who do you think I am?

6018/robo-Amy refuses to tell, the doctor what they know. Foreknowledge is dangerous thing.
Amy confronts the captain, of the sip. The woman you are trying to kill is my daughter, and he is my best friend, you tell him. (Actually she tells, him the other way round, putting her best friend before he daughter)

Robot Amy displays the information she holds on the death of the Doctor.

The Doctor, was killed on the order of the silence. The silence are not a species, but a religious sect, or order. They seek the answer to the first question, the oldest question
The first question,is hidden in plain view

When robot Amy is unable to answer, what the question is, the Doctor accuses her of being a ``big Ginge;;. 6018 is unimpressed with the Doctors arguments for it to belay, and goes on to give Melody pond hell.

The Doctor now on his knees, and hands, begs Amy and Rory to save River. The Ponds, blunder about for a few minutes, than Amy notices, one of the Robot-Antibodies, on the bridge. She uses the sonic screwdriver, to change the settings on the entire crews bracelets, to red. The Robots begin to attack the crew of the 6018. Forcing them, to release River/Meldody, however tapping Rory and Amy, in the ship, as the crew beam out

Melody tries to make her escape. The doctor begs her to stay, saying he knows, she is scared, but to never run when she is scared. Rule 7

The Robot Amy, pleads for the Doctor to save, the real Amy and her husband, located inside her.
As the Doctor, know so near death, and so weak, tries to crawl, into the Tardis. Melody looks on, and comments in a fascinated detachment

``Look at you, you still care'' The Doctor begs River to help him, to save Amy and Rory. As the Antibodies close in on Amy and Rory, they embrace, and affirm their love

The Tardis whirls into life, and Amy and Rory are saved, they are saved by Melody, who is able to fly the Tardis, it showed he. Melody, brings Mr and Mrs Pond, to the Doctor. Rory tries to help the doctor, asking him, what he needs. The Doctor asks, to speak, with their daughter
A dying Doctor, tells Melody to find river song, and asks he whispers something in her ear. Melody, a little embarrassed tells the Doctor, she is sure, that River already knows.

Melody asks her mother, who river is. Amy pond, tells her doppleganger, that ``if she is still working than she is still a relative''. The Scotswoman asks the 6018, to show her River Song.

Melody, sees herself, mirrored by the man ship Melody Williams, the weapon created at Demons' run realizes she is River Song, the love of the Doctors life.
She asks her mother and father, ``is the Doctor worth it?'' River summons up her energies, the golden fire of regeneration, and kisses the Doctor. She saves him. She brings the Doctor back to life

Melody awakes, in a hospital bed. She says hello to her mother and father,(Rory and Amy, if you have forgotten, or missed the point) and receives a light scolding from her Mother for having used up all her regeneration's in having saved the Doctor.

The Doctor hands, Melody a book. Its the journal, that we see River carry throughout the series. When asked, if he knew what would happen. The Doctor announces, rule 1, The Doctor lies.

A nurse, one of the sisters of the infinte schism, tells, the Doctor that the patient will be fine. No says the Doctor. (River Song)will be amazing

The Ponds, and The Doctor, return to the Tardis, and discuss the events of the days gone by. Amy regrets leaving her daughter. Rory is worried about River, after all the River Rory meets in the future, is still in prison, for murder. The Doctor, has been looking at the information of his death, that he downloaded, from the 6018. The Timelord dismisses the concerns, after all a little foreknowledge is a dangerous thing

Meanwhile, at the Luna University, in the 52nd Century River Song applies for a position to study Archaeology? Leaning forward Ms Song tells her Tutor, she is looking for a good man!



A roller coaster of an episode. Some of the best lines of the series. My personal favourite, is the Doctor's. I'd ask you who you are, but I think that's obvious, Rory's bathos, on mounting a motorbike, to hare off around 1930's Berlin, `That sort of day'' Look at Arthur D's slight annoyance with the Doctor when Doctor fobs him, off at the end of the episode. Rory comes on strongly this episode, that said

What a performance by Alex Kingston! She is a decade older, than the rest of the regulars at least. Her entrance as Melody Williams, and her first confrontation with the Doctor, implied a danger, an energy of someone much younger. Bravua, Bravua.

River is wearing a Luffwaffe uniform, IIRC when she saves the Doctor

The scene where they meet Hitler was well done. Meeting Daleks, is one thing, but being confronted with a real life, mass murderer. The sudden recognition, the shared horror across the Time travelers faces.

I liked the David Tennant Companions gag, with the Voice interface of the Tardis. They could have done a bit more. Maybe slipped someone else, in. Sarah Jane Smith, would have been a nice tribute. I guess, Ace, or Teegan, would have be a nice continuity touch, but probably lost on the newer viewers.

Hitler, working at his desk, is actually probably unrealistic. The man did not keep office hours. Unless it is very early in the morning. Oh and Isn't the 7th Doctor in Berlin, with Ace chasing the Timewyrn as we speak?

Moffat, enjoys putting the Doctor through the grind. He surprised us here, he answered questions as quickly as he raised them, in the last series. The Silence being a cult, rather a species, seems to be a bit of Retcon. I'll go with it

The rules, which the Doctor teaches River, reminded me of the Ferengi rules of acquisition. Go easy on it please

Over all, I was very happy with this episode. Very Happy indeed. Alex Kingston, runs with playing Melody Williams. The Berlin backdrop, is well done. and some of the best dialogue, I've ever heard on screen

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