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Monday, March 26, 2012

Game of Thrones

This was recommended to me. Unlike those of you who, have HBO, or Sky Atlantic. I caught it on the DVD boxset.

I am glad I did. The series grows on you. It may be the best Telefantasy series since Babylon 5. It took, a while to settle. Indeed, I had a problem from the get go. The opening scenes of the North, are clearly filmed in the North of Ireland. I will remember and recognise the mists of Donegal, till I die. ( Yes I am aware, the series was filmed in N.I) For a moment, I saw the mist. I thought there, somewhere in Ireland.

Watching the series, which centres on the clash, between the Stark and Lannister families. Aping the struggle between the Yorks, and the Lancastrians. The War of the roses. The series gives a feel for a world, which is larger than our own. The North is 1000 leagues away from London. Several days journey. Over dangerous country. That said, The powers that be, have bowed to the modern era. The characters communicate across the miles, by use of raven post. For a while, I wondered if I should prefer, a series simply set during the War of the Roses.

Than there is the Khalese.

Step forward Emila clarke.

Emilia, here looking like an English rose.

Its a great journey for her charcter, who starts off, as a pawn. To be married off, for an army, and than becomes a queen. We see, her grow and learn hard lessons. As she is married into a barbarian horde. I presume these are the Mongol/ Golden horde analogs.

Like Babylon 5, it does polticking well. One of the point of view characters, is a young pretender to the throne. Indeed, Babylon 5 seems to have been a bit of an influence here. There are rangers, and a Night watch. As I mentioned. We see Emila Clarke, move from manipulated, to manipulator. We see, a grand plan, for peace squandered by a boy king rage. In an earlier scene, we had seen the boy's mother explain to him, why when he is King, he simply would not be able, to compel the North to his whims.

Lena Headly plays his scheming mother/ queen of the Lannisters. The She Wolf, or rather Lioness. . Its a very different role, to Sara Conor. As Sara, she had the whole world on her shoulders. Here Lena has the same duties, but wears it with spite, rather than resignation

Peter Dinklage won deserved prizes for his role, as Tyrion. A dwarf born to the Lannisters. One of the most powerful houses. The House of Lancaster analogy. There family, are rich and powerful. The richest on their world. But Tyrion was born a dwarf. He is despised as the half man. Despised by his father. However he was born, and he lived. So he had to make a role.

In this world, there is no Christianty. So there is no Church for Tyrion to be dumped into. The Night watch. Provides, something of an analogy. However there are no roles for women.

There is a further plot set on wall of ice. This world's version of Hadrians wall. Where the Nightwatch stand guard, against the horrors lurking beyond. Horrors that according to legend plunged the world into darkness before.

Per Wiki, the Ice Wall/North is based on what the writer thought Hadrian's wall would seem, to be like to someone from the Mediterranean. That's a bit unfair. It snows in the Med, and the troops manning the wall, were normally Gauls,

Every once in a while, they remind us that is not Earth/ England. Some of the ruling families, practise incest. There is the Ravens. The White Walkers, and other horrors.

In the south, there are Dragons.

A great show. Along with the Walking dead. This will be this generation's Babylon 5.

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