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Wednesday, April 11, 2012



``It does exactly what it says on the tin'' There was an advert for wood stain, which was based on those words. This is a film based on a toy line. Its credited to Hasbro, not a famous director or producer. Its a product to shift another product. Its not bad.

Liam Neeson, again proves that he will be this generations. Orson Welles/Charlton Heston. He plays the admiral of the fleet. Rhianna does no harm, in her big screen d├ębut. Fun to hear her accent get thicker from time to time. Neeson references Homer, which is perhaps a h/t to his role as Zeus in the Clash of the Titans remakes.

I think Venezuela flag is depicted in the multi national force. Which is interesting.

The American Navy plays the Japanese Self defence forces at Soccer. A British commentator could be heard. That's globalisation for you. Americans have to play soccer in movies, even if they ignore it at home.

ITN, rather than BBC provide the News Talking head. President Obama, gives a statement which is broadcast across the world.

One techno nit. If we can broadcast a signal to another planet around a star, that signal must travel faster than light, for it to get a response in 5 years

John Cage from Ally McBeal, plays a US secretary of Defence. One of the Mad Men, plays the lt's more sensible brother. The Hero is actually press ganged into the navy somewhat. He was drifting in Hawaii at 26.

Its a pretty straightforward movie. The plot could have been lifted from Star Trek, or Hornblower. A young arrogant Naval Officer learns responsibility, and leadership, while guiding his crew to victory. A secondary plot, has a soldier recover his sense of self and purpose after the loss of his legs. This is the first film I can remember in ages that featured an amputee as a hero. A sight which will become more common alas.

Its the film, that the later Transformers movies should be. A straight forward piece of popcorn
I thought the script could have done perhaps with a little humor but no great loss. One for small boys of all ages!

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