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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spiky Harold.

In the 2nd year of High school, my parents got me a ZX spectrum.
It would have been 1990. The Spectrum would have been several years old. It was a 1982, or 1984 model. In fact it was clearly second hand. I was teased about this in High school.  I had suspected as much, I guess it taught me a valuable lesson, from then on I kept myself to myself and I did not ask for too much. I asked for a Sega Master system, rather than Mega drive. The year after I asked for the Risk Board Game.

One game, I remember playing, and I got quite a few. Someone had collected several over the years. ( Looking back, I hope my mother picked up the games and computer for free)
The game was spiky Harold. You were a Hedgehog, trying to get about the world. Eating apples, while the flight of the bumblebee played.
This is a much cleaner shot, than it was on my spectrum. Where Harold was a dark red, and the water drops, were not visible at all, in fact I got Harold  killed because I mistook one for a prize
Anyway, I found a playable version online. A moment of brief nostalgia.

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