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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Deep Space Nine episode idea

Ancient History

Episode takes place before in the cards.

Klingon transport, arrives on Deep space 9. Kai Wynn is there to meet, the crew as the disembark.
The crew, is a group of elderly bajorans, weirdly dressed in Klingon uniforms. Old soldiers. Martog, is slapping the backs, of the bajorans as they leave the air lock. Shaking hands, and wishing them well.  Kai Wynn, greets the Bajorans, and offers prayers and thanks for them. Pointing them out to children.

The camera looks up to see Sisko frowning.

Start credits....

Kira Neris, has been off to Bajor. She meets Kai Wynn at the Air lock, where they extend pleasantries.
As Kira, see;s the Kai's shuttle depart. There is word of  an outbreak of a plague , between Bajor and DS9.
There will be a quarantine.
Anyway, we see a series of odd incidents,

Martog introduces Worf, to one of the Bajorans. Worf is cold.
Odo, stops and asks the Bajorans, for their knives. Odo, is clearly not happy about this,  when one refuses. Odo takes them, to the cell.
O Brien, is fixing a replicator, in one of the Bajorans room. He is told to leave it. As the Person, will be on the next flight to Bajor.

Martog, comes to see Kira, and asks why his people are being harassed on their own station. Why are Bajorans, not welcome on DS9, of all places. Martog explains, to Kira, that she should honour these people. These Bajorans served along side the Klingons, in a war against the Cardassians.

Kira, goes to see one of the people in the cell. The guy was arrested for an unauthorised weapon on the promenade. She questions Odo, and Odo, tells her. That he would not have arrested the men normally. They had been registered as Klingon warriors, when they arrived,

However  The Federation, is insisting that the Bajorans be punished. 

Kira tries to contact Sisko, he cannot be contacted. Worf answers. Worf answers, and says that station security is important. But the charges, will be dropped when the Bajorans leave.

Kira, is annoyed, by this and goes to Ops. As she passes, she sees one of the Bajorans, talk to quark. The Bajoran, asks Quark, if he knows him. Than the Bajoran, says no. I do. I've seen you somewhere, before, at a party for your uncle Geta. That was a life time ago.

Than Quark remembers, and Quark, gives the man, a drink on the house.

Kira, comes over, and makes a fuss. The Bajoran slips out. Kira, asks Quark what happened. Quark, looks at Kira, and says ask the Hoo-mans. Quark tells, Kira whatever she thinks of him. That drink was on the house.

Kira stops the man, he asks, her if she is going to arrest him. We left Bajor to get away from that. As they are talking a starfleet security officer, stops and tries to question the Bajoran.  Kira, gets really angry and orders a Bajoran deputy to arrest the starfleet officer, on the charge of harrasment.

Benjamin sisko, than asks,  Kira to come to opps.

Kira comes into opps, and she is furious. She asks, what the heck is going on.  Sisko, is of stone, and tells Kira,that the Bajorans are free to leave the station, however they are not wanted on Federation territory.

Kira, demands to speak first minister Shakaar,  Shakaar tells, him he is sending a ship to take the Bajoran/Klingons home as quickly as possible. He also tells Kira, she is relived for 24 hours

Kira storms out. She walks about. Dax tries to talk to her. Dax is in Garak's tailor , shop and is looking at a new dress.  Dax tries to console her. Dax jokes. A Bajoran-Klingon comes in, and sees Dax. The Bajoran/Klingon  and Dax, stare at each other. The Bajoran sees Garak, and walks out in disgust, looks at Kira and shout traitor.   Dax walks out. Kira, demands, of Garak, would someone tell, her whats going on?

The Bajoran is right. Begins Garak, he was betrayed....

Garak, asks Major Kira, what she knows about the skirmish in the optata nebula. (Act two)

Garak says you do remember, the Klingons, were fighing with The Cardassians. While the early stages of the revolt on Bajor  were going on. The first Bajorans moving into Federation space fleeing the Cardassian Occupation
Well, some made fortunes, some fled to the Klingons, looking for payback. The Klingons and the Cardassians were at war, and the war was not going Cardassia's way.  The Bajoran exiles, had scratched together enough latinum,  to buy ships and arms, from the Ferengi. T Our fleet was scattered to meet the Klingon forces..Terek Nor, was the only thing standing between Bajor and freedom

So what happened demands Kira?

Curzon dax.

 Curzon dax, forced the Klingons, to sue for peace. The Federation, thought they would bring peace to the Galaxy, it was sone of our best work. Curzon had been supplied information about a Cardassian dissident movement, that was poised to take over central command, and usher in a new era of peace. Curzon believed in peace. Curzon wanted peace. Curzon forced peace.

Kira, storms out. She sees Dax, and stops. She goes over to Quarks, and asks for a drink. Odo later comes and sits beside her he does not speak.

Episode would end, with Kira, seeing the Bajorans home.  She gets a message from Bajor,  its Kai Winn. Kai, has heard about the problem, and asks if she can help. Kira, says no resigned.  Kai winn, says to Kira, she has a lot to be thankful for those Bajorans. Kai pointing out, that
on the other hand, if they had won. Someone else would be sitting behind thedesk at DS9. Because the federation screwed the exiles, it left Shaakars cliqueas the only resistance standing...


I wanted to put the Federation in a place where they were the bad guys. Think the Western allies and Poland in 1944. Or the Cuban exiles facing Castro at the bay of pigs
Episode subverts the normal formula. Kai Winn, Garak, and Quark are actually all on the side of angels. The federation crew members, are being secretive and playing their cards close to their chest
I wanted to explore the politics of the diaspora. 

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