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Sunday, August 05, 2012

London 2012

I made my way to the women’s marathon. I was determined to see an event, and it was free, and upon a sunday
St James Park, and the Mall, was full of people. I saw the flags, of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Peru, Germany, Japan, Pakistan, Ethiopia,  and many others
Its not quite the Olympic sprit, but I wonder what these to spectators where reminiscing about
It rained throughout the day. I had an umbrella and a hoodie, other times, I was quite hot. I was not tempted by the 1.80 bottles of soft drink, for sale at the vendors. I also in a display of magnificent hypocrisy raged at the umbrellas of others, as I could not see, the competitors
After the ladies run threw St James Park, we followed the crowds to the mall. Which was a lovely walk
I took position just outside the Victoria memorial next to a Polish family,
This is me, in the crowd. Yes, I look miserable, but remember why Apple and not blackberry dominate the smart phone market. I also had a mild eye infection today. But what the heck! Its once in a life time event
I waited a half hour before we saw signs of the competitors of the crowd. The noise of the commentary in the ticketed section drowned out by the crowd. It was surprisingly difficult to take pictures of the runners. Here is a Kenyan and a Korean
Here is another Olympian, the crowd cheered one and all. Those who were last, where not treated as least. They were urged on and applauded.
Even if they were Natives, terrible Natives!

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