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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Brian Griffin

So Brian Griffin from family guy, finally went to that great lounge in the sky.
Family guy is a TV series, I used to love. I used to watch religiously. I used to buy the DVDS, watch the episodes one after another, and then watch the commentaries. A shared enjoyment in family guy was a post that held up past paramores. I fell out of love with the series. Though I enjoyed Ted, and I still follow Seth Macfarlane on Twitter. So why did I stop loving Family Guy. I do not know. Perhaps it was the BBC constantly showing Family guy every evening, I also found some episodes a little grating.
The episode where Brian tries to convince the town of Quaghog there is no God, comes to mind.
I watched Cleveland for the first series and I enjoyed it. However it started to get stale, and perhaps that is the point. Fawlty towers, lasted 2 series and no more. Blackadder stands alone with its 4 series. Less is sometimes more. My problem with family guy is not that it jumped the shark, is that if you trend water too long you drown. Only my opinion though, if you like the show, good for you

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