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For over a third of a century I have had darkish hair, I wear glasses. I watch too much TV. I read a little. I gave up smoking on 1st January 2007. I would rather be in Hawaii. In 2005, I held the title of ``Greatest Sword in all France'' In 1991 I won a the 1V form prize.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Song for the day, Stutter rap

Tony Hawks, not the skateboarder the British comedian.. Round Ireland with a fridge and playing the Moldovians at Tennis is the writer.

Its actually not that funny. I  remember it as much funnier. One of those things I remember as a kid. Which I look back on later life, with bemusement. I found it on an old SD card, someone had uploaded the greatest hits of the 1980s. Actually even at the day, not everyone got the joke. It only got to number 4, in  the UK

I wonder if you could record this today...a song mocking a disability

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