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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Alan Partridge Alpha Papa

I was watching clips of Alan partridge on youtube the other day.  I noticed how young Steve Coogan looked. I suppose we are all getting older. Like the last X Files movie, this is a film out of time. An Alan Partridge movie should have been released 10 years ago. The jokes about Colm Meany being Irish with a gun, are not as biting as they would have been in the 1990s. Also there is not the references to the old neighbourhood.Acton..Chiswick roundabout..

As an aside I have been watching Moone Boy. The Steve Coogan Cameo there was masterful.

The problem is in part Alan. Alan partridge visibly mellowed  as he got older, which is something you would expect. As Alan mellows he becomes a more sympathetic character. Alan has accepted his lot. Making adverts for Butchers and pursuing a woman at work. A mother of two teenage boys, and quite ordinary in appearance. Alan seems  genuinely charmed by her wits. Contrast this with the Alan from KMKYWAP

At once points Alan shouts he is 55. He should be in Bed, watching funny youtube videos. Alan admits to be being frightened, when he returns to the studio and realises something is amiss. We hear that Alan comforted  a prostitute who broke down emotionally rather then provide sexual favors.

There are some changes from the TV series. Alan’s Ukrainian Gf is no more. I suppose that is merely coincidence. At the moment it may have seemed bad taste. Neither is Lynne’s Boyfriend. I was disappointed we not see Fernando and Isabella, Alan’s children.  I noticed that Alan’s house is not in a field. Rather it is semi detached The Business centre being a shed was a nice touch

Its an interesting piece of casting to see Colm Meaney here. Colm has been returning to comedy lately. You may recall he was in get me to the Greek, I remember him way back in the Snapper. Here Colm plays the  antagonist. A man like Alan, who has lost his family, and his job, due to a change. While we sympathise with Colm who as a widower. Here Colm is playing Comic relief-The Hardman role he played in Layer Cake, Far and Away, as well as Con Air

The plot is simple, after  Alan’s radio station is taken over by new owners. Spewing management speech-and dismissing Citizen Kane.

Alan in a misguided attempt to save his co worker from the sack. Gets him sacked. In fact convinces his new bosses to Sack Pat! Yes it is an attempt by Alan to save his own skin. However Alan at least tried and crumbled. It should be pointed out Colm Meaneys character  and Alan are not friends. They are work acquaintances Alan is forced into a situation by Pat-(Colm) Not something he wanted to do.Alan cannot be blamed for making the best of it.


Nice to see Sean Pertwee here. Would be nicer to see him as the next Doctor. Again this adds to the 1990s feel

There is a nice scene when Lynne is offered a coffee by the police and gets up to make one. As well as some nice parallelism with Lynne being seduced with Hair and Make up

There is a potentially explosive comment. About Pat and Alan having known a suspected Paedophile, who was towelling off boys. Alan partridge is supposed to have moved in the same circles as Clifford, Saville and the rest. They let that sleeping dog lie…

The alcoholic ex DJ, had some good lines

Bruno Brooks- gets a photo credit at the end. Nice. Alan always was good at showing up the Mundane in the Media

You could donate 50 quid to Sinn Fein, was not a bad joke.

The final diversion played by Michael the Geordie. Was great! I am still laughing at it.

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