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Sunday, May 04, 2014



The 4th series seems to be dragging after the events of the purple wedding
Firstly was Stannis not supposed to  have sailed for the North to save the Nights Watch. Instead he seems to be dragging his heels on Dragonstone

I am pleased that Brienne has started her quest. Without Tyrion, its nice to see Bron stepping up.
This episode will probably be remember for the hack job they did on Jamie. Jamie basically rapes Cersei next to the body of his son. In the book the twins coupling is more ambiguous. With Cersei rejecting Jamie it leaves space for Brienne and seeing Brienne tower over Cersei is wonderful
The Jamie and Brienne relationship is one of my favorite in the book

The TV series shouts that which could be hinted at on the page-The Tyrells killing  Joffery is spelled out

At the wall, we have two new sub plots with Jon Snow. Firstly one of Lord Bolton's men, has been sent to the wall-Its the man who cut of Jamie's hand. Also in the TV series the Northman claims to  have been a warden from Storms End. Did Jon Snow not notice the lack of southern accent. The series used to try to be consistent with accents. Northerners were Northerners-Southerners Southerners now its anything goes

Secondly we have Owen from Torchwood leading the mutineers at Crastor's Camp. It took me days to figure out who he was. I was thinking was it Mathew Horne?

Owen mentions he grew up in Gin Alley, which means Westeros has distilled spirits

I read the book and the changes annoy me,  and its for this reason. There are whole plots and characters in the book that bored me. The Marcella in Dorne story-line. As far as I can see there is nothing there they have not or would not do with Sansa. There is also the other Targeryian pretender who is backed by the  Golden company. Though that storyline has merit. My problem is I did not have to watch it why did I have to read it

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