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For over a third of a century I have had darkish hair, I wear glasses. I watch too much TV. I read a little. I gave up smoking on 1st January 2007. I would rather be in Hawaii. In 2005, I held the title of ``Greatest Sword in all France'' In 1991 I won a the 1V form prize.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

A long Week

A long week.

I have started a new class in another district of Lima. There has been a lot of toing and froing 
The  new class is in another institute There atmosphere is very different. I was inspected. I hope it went well
I ended up forgetting my phone

I have a terrible head cold.

I took the dog out tonight. He fought  with Hatchi for an hour. One of the other dogs. To be honest I am happier when he fights with Hatchi. If Thriller is losing he is staying out of trouble

The Baba is fine! She sings along with us

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