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Thursday, December 22, 2016


I rewatched this and liked it better,

The start is exquisite. A man and a woman alone in a haunted house
The episode is a period piece of the seventies. Its nicely done. The male guest star was involved in WW2 black oppa. A baker street irregular
The female guest star is an empath. Non objective equipment as the Professor refers to her

We see the beginning of Clara's death wish. She has to be double dared into looking

There is whose hand is that joke

We see Clara and the empath drinking whiskey. They would both prefer tea

The professor and the empath, are investigating a ghost. The professor thinks the Dr is working for an unnamed ministry Air perhaps - intrusion counter measures

The ghost is a time traveller -in the  Orson pink mode. Humanity messed up big with time travel

We see the beginnings and end of Earth. Clara is disturbed by this.

The episode ends with the empath warning Clara about the Dr. The Dr had come to this place to have the empath  scan Clara ...

A bit like McCoy

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