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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Doctor Strange

Okay, I liked this
Firstly movies, had got the memo about length. Hitchcock's dictum about the human bladder, is as true today,as it was then
Yes, I liked the beginning. Oriental, mystics, battling each other, then, running out to the streets of contemporary London. The weirdness sold me. A bald Tilda Swinton gets glances, and stares as she walks off, after her  mystical showdown into a wet Westminster

I would have made a point, that Rachael Macadams played Irene Addler, and Benedict, played Sherlock.
So we have Ben, I will use that name, doing his New York accent, being the arrogant surgeon. He is speeding along, and loses control, and loses his hands
Its quick, and brutal. Point is made, and we move on. We see the destruction the accident, has done to Strange, his hands are riveted with tens of pins, They are suspended in a wire case. Which in real life must be agony.
Stevens career as a surgeon is over. He tries rehab, and gets into an argument, with the Physio. Who the Md dismisses as Bachelors degree. There is an exchange, when Ben asks, if anyone ever came back from this. The NA, tells Ben, sure..this one guy... To which Ben replies Bull shit
But Ben checks him out, and he is away to Tibet-Nepal. The roof of the world. The end of the hippy trail

I liked, that scene. Strange's arrogance, His confidence, is always there through the film. This is a smart man. There is a nice scene, when he meets Tilda, the wise one in shamballa, and Strange assumes she is working there, to get away with doing off the books experiments, equally, when Tilda, returns the compliment by calling her spells programs

What I liked about Dr strange, is that its message, is the end justifies the means, as long as your not an arsehole. When Wong realizes Strange is breaking natural law, to save the Earth, he tells him to keep doing it. Equally, drawing power from a dark dimension, to walk, seems to be okay.

The ending is different. It reminded me of Hell bent. Which is no bad thing

Marvel is doing its job, and doing it well

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