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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Star Trek, Beyond

Did you like Times Arrow? or The killing game? Those are feature length Trek stories. Startrek beyond is about as good as those.

Its not a great trek film, like the Wrath of Khan, or First contact. Nevertheless I enjoyed Beyond . What I noticed, is that The trek reboot, is clearly the daughter of Enterprise, rather then grandfather, of Next Generation-Voyager. There is a reference to the Macos, and to the Xindi war. I am curious about this, because I wonder if  Enterprise has proved to be that popular, even in rerun or DVD or Netflix viewings

All of which  leaves DS9 as the orphan of the series.

A shame, about Chekov. Sadly this will be the last time we see him. There is a nod, to George Takei who is now more famous as George Takei, rather then Sulu

The plot is quite simple. A bored Kirk, answers a distress call from a ship which has been lost in a nebula. The nebula clouds are presented on screen as asteroids Rather, then clouds of gas. The Enterprise goes to investigate. They are ambushed, and they crash land on the planet

The Yorktown, base looks great. Very visually striking

The villain is played by Iris elba. Elba is under a lot of make up. The bad guys actually reminded me, of Mimbari, from B5

Jim does not seduce, the alien babe, on the planet. Shome misthake surely

I enjoyed it. I thought it,was two decent, hours. Pretty straight forward script, but I will not remember it

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