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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Suicide Squad

I liked this

One Jared's Joke shivers in the shadow of Heath ledger. Fair play to Jared, it was always going to be difficult to dye your hair, and paint your face. I think, the producers and director et al, should have known that less is more.
I kept hearing Jeffry Coombs when Jared spoke

Will Smith is Will Smith, playing Deadshot so consequently Smith is the leading man. You know, he totally would have killed Batman. My problem with this is this screws up the power dynamic. Flag should be the leader of the team, here Flagg, is coaxing Deadshot

It would have been a great wham moment for Deadshot to shoot, Harley and have her revived

Margot Robbie is lovely, but her accent wanders across the Mason Dixon. It would have been funny for her to chew out Captain Boomerang in the Bar scene, in perfect Straine

I like the Black woman, in charge of the team. One mean bitch

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