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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Pilot

I really liked this.

I mean we sat through three years of Clara???? Well no that is harsh. I did like Jemma Louise Coleman. We got Hell Bent, We got the last scene in face the Raven.We got Robin of Sherwood, I like that episode,we got the Mummy on the orient express. But as others have said better where were we going with Clara?If we were going anywhere was it not spoiled with the end of heaven sent

1) The Doctor as a lecturer it makes sense. Capaldi is older, and it gives him a logical reason to be hanging about with a young companion. It mirrors the aging of the female demographic who have been watching since Rose. Why did it take three years for someone to think this up? Unlike the school stories it means no child actors. You can even think of it as mirroring the UNIT stories

2) I like Nardol. I was skeptical about him.I think I was in practice a bit unfair to Lucas. The thing I dislike most about the God complex was David Walliams,and I compounded the two. But with Lucas/Nardol we have a companion who can chat back,and act as a narrator. ``He never notices the tears''

3) Pearl Mackie is fine. I was skeptical about her. My name is Bwill I surve chipz. She charming, realistic and fun. We are going to see the universe again through new eyes. She was again brave enough to stand up to the Doctor.

4) Nice to see the Movellans getting slaughtered. Surely that is not logical

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