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Saturday, July 01, 2017

The Doctor falls

I knew tear drop lady was going to save Bill. Its on my twitter feed 17th of April

Once again, Moffat can't pull the damn trigger. But kudos to Pearl Mackie, Who was wonderful, a beautiful and ordinary face.The right cadence Pearl mackie, is the opposite of those people who are just to pretty to be believable. Pearl Mackie is the new girl from HR fighting monsters

Killing off the Master? why? I know there is enough of a paradox to bring the master back, but why bother
Does Steven Moffat own the copyright for Missy? Moffat seems to be pissed off with the end of time. Where the master seemed to grow,  here he shoots himself out of spite-Why?

The idea that Cybemen are a dark path Humanity always stumbles down is good.

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