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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Thirteenth Doctor

It has been revealed that the 13th Doctor, will be a woman. Jodie


I am willing to give it go,

There are several problems

Jodie may be too pretty to play the Dr, The Dr should be played by someone who is not. Tall or physically imposing or handsome or pretty. Why because then they do not need to be persuasive or charming or rational. Yes I understand, that Tennant and Smith have a significant fan girl faction. Yes I understand that our first introduction to Tennant's Dr was that he was sword fighting. He was sword fighting in a dressing grown.

A Dr who is physically beautiful or imposing means what? That we do what he asks, because we are scared of him, or we cannot off her/him whatever

Will we simply have lots of take that! I loathed the scene where the Dr, punches a racist in 19th century London, because why? is he always going to punch racists? What about classism? sectarianism?  Sexism. This was much better done, in Human nature when we saw the school nurse blindly tell Martha that coloured girls do not become Doctors. Or John Smith, telling Martha that she did not understand the difference between reality and fiction. Oh I bet Martha getting a job in the 1960s in Blink must have been great fun. The past is a different country. If you do not realize this, then why make the trip. Also, at one point the Dr says to Carla, We ate dinner in Berlin in the Nazi era-How many Jews did they save? Forget killing Hitler, you find someone with a Yellow star, and take them to Brooklyn

One reason, why the episode-Vincent and the Doctor worked was because there was no happy ending. Vincent could not win his battle. The Dr telling Medieval peasants women are just as good as men, is going to get tiresome. Historically it will be wrong.

Does this mean we have a male companion?

If we do, will it just be pratfalls, comic relief? what?

Like I said, I am willing to give the new Dr a chance, but with two caveats

1) The BBC must stop banging on about it. Criticizing older viewers who spent money and time on the series and now feel left behind is unfair. Colin Baker, said she is the Doctor, whether you like it or not! Yes that is true. But it is only a TV show. People might stop watching Dr Who for a number of reasons, clever and cute, brilliant and bogus. Why hector them.
Also related to this there is sub section of fandom that sees the Dr as too human now. Giving the Dr breasts is okay, having her with PMS is wrong - Wasn't she was born in a loom ?

2) Will this buy the series respect in the BBC's eyes? It was clear from end of Smith era, the BBC had lost interest in the show. They like they ratings, and the Big bang theory references, but...

3) She is the 14 dr, I count the meta crisis Dr, regeneration as occurring. In other words, there were two David Tennats Dr

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