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Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Defenders

Good but not great

Signoury weaver stars as the big bad. They series pulls the same trick as Luke cage by having Electra kill off Signoury. Alright but I did not find Electra that interesting- she is basically mute until the penultimate episode . There she gives the We are very much alike speech to Danny Rand

Danny Rand is better here than in Iron fist, and having Luke Cage as a father figure works.
I liked how they paired of Luke with Danny, and Jessica with Matt. I also liked how they have Danny Rand just pay the Chinese restaurant.
Kudos on having Daredevil say he can hear neon

I was really upset by the fact that there was no punisher cameo. I thought they were teasing that

It was good to see Jessica Jones, and Matt Murdoch, and Luke Cage back together. I remain in love with Rosario Dawson. Foggy is cool, and Trish is lovely.
The blonde from Daredevil lets things down. She comes across as a scold

I like the Japanese guy. As well as Madam Woo. The Hispanic/Araby guy with the British accent who is the enemy of Jennifer from iron fist, less so much

Stick is good

Its a solid B plus. Its good but not great, as some posters have pointed out, the music choices are weird. I think the hand fizzle out. I was expecting a punisher moment. I liked it nevertheless

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