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Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Guardians of the galaxy 2

Okay it was alright. It is two hours long, there are some nice character moments

what I liked.

The things to come/Metropolis style look of the sovereign planet
Kurt Russell, I want a young Kurt Russell to play me, in a film about my life. I don't look like Kurt Russell but I want people to think I did
The Ego-Starlord story is a nice spin of the Sirens
Nebula, telling Gamora that she wanted a sister, was good. I am not too keen on Karne Gillians Merican accent
Drax- I have huge turds
Michael Rooker playing a hero
The Alaskan mining camp world, with the robot sexbots. The sexbots being shown as painfully coldly robotic
The pirates being spaced
 The Michael Hasselhoff Cameo, pretty sure that was ripped from original footage. The allusion was good too
The Zune gag

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