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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Its been a while since I sat down and watched this film.
Re-watching it now, 20 years and half the world away. I want to give a more balanced judgement, is it a classic? Mm-mm I am honestly not sure. What I notice now is actually how dislikeable everyone is, with the exception of Spud, and the guy who played Vorenus (Kevin Mckidd). I can understand why teenagers liked the movie, its rebellious, it tells a truth people take heroin because of the kick. Its full of Anti heroes. Begbie, Sic boy, and Renton. There is a dig at Thatcher, there are digs at consumerism. Even bloody Keith Allen

I was surprised by the nude scenes.

By the way, I was in the volcano, the line about the successful segregating themselves from the unsuccessful in mating was quite cutting

The shit scenes, lose their shock effect after we have seen the scatological triumph which is Bombay millionaire. The violence is well done. Not Carlyle throwing punches but the punters gasping and begging. Interestingly the scene from the Edinburgh festival was misunderstood by some audiences. It was claimed they beat him for being a Yank...

I was actually in there, it was up the road from my halls of residence.)

So, did I enjoy it, yes, I enjoyed the nostalgia, the energy of the original is still there!
 The deft character touches. With Gods, help I will overcome the terrible addiction. When Spud Murphy's mother is turned away in the bar-This may have sectarian overtones.

The horror of a dead child, and the fear of an Aids test does not carry..Granted with the dead baby Renton is an onlooker, and we see a change in sick boys character. From then on Sic boy is as amoral as Begbie
Yet the death of McKidd does not seem to have the punch it should. He is the innocent sacrificed to reefer sorry needle madness  We do not see the real fear aids was met within the early eighties

The hit wears off over time

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