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Saturday, November 04, 2017

Conan the Barbarian.

This film is a classic, in fact it is the classic film. Why does it speak to us ?
Because we were there. Or at least our ancestors where
If you are reading this,  odds are your ancestors were from the North of Ukraine, they lived there about three and a half thousand years ago. They drank milk and rode horses. They smelted bronze and they liked to eat salmon and honey. They got drunk a lot. There were lots of young men
Conan the movie digs into this vein. This is why we like it. Oh yes, the cinematography is beautiful, Arnold is a tremendous  presence on screen.
 But its also our chance to see ourselves as we once were. When the steppes where endless. When the cities of the South, were large and strange. When the land, was a beautiful woman, and when opening the land met mastering the beautiful woman. Oh you know blonde hair and blue eyes come from the milk drinking steppe dwelling folk right. Here is the cute fact, blonde hair and blue eyes, are probably  products of sexual selection. So the warrior woman thief, tough and capricious needs to be tamed, and brought to control to make ready for the plough, despite the facts that the Gods, that crom is so indifferent, so it takes Arnold, The man ready to strike out on his own, to master them

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