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For over a third of a century I have had darkish hair, I wear glasses. I watch too much TV. I read a little. I gave up smoking on 1st January 2007. I would rather be in Hawaii. In 2005, I held the title of ``Greatest Sword in all France'' In 1991 I won a the 1V form prize.

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Round up

I have started a new library job, at weekends. Last week, was my first weekend. It was also a very hot day. There have not been a great many changes, since I worked in Hades, but the new scanners that can return multiple books at once are great. Oh and someone stole a trolley!

QPR, began a new season with a loss against Preston. QPR are playing under multiple restrictions, and in a proudly pink away kit.

My Aunt is unwell. I wish her the best, also to my cousin, Mary Jo and her baby Belle

My Uncle John came to visit, in July. I enjoyed his company, and we went to many hostelries

My Sister is on Honeymoon... I wish her every happiness as she explores route 66

I miss my daughter, very much.

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