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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day of the Moon

Day of the Moon

SPOILERS. (Part 1)

Amy being chased across the American desert. Its the Valley of the Gods Utah, two Landrovers one black one buff, cut her off. Canton emerges, leading a squad of G-Men. One is tempted to say Men in Black
``Is that a body bag?’’ enquires the comely Caledonian. Amy has covered her hands and face, in tally marks
Its empty,(The Body Bag) do you even know, why you’re doing this?
Recap, the silence, The events in the warehouse. The Silence, had burst out of their tunnels, and surprised the Doctor, and his Companion. Amy had picked up Canton’s pistol, and fired on the child in the space suit

Area 51, Nevada. The scene seems to be winter. There is snow on the Ground
Do not talk, to the prisoner. Do not interact with the Prisoner. The Timelord, is chained and in a straight jacket. He has grown a beard.
Amy pond found, reports Canton. Canton describes the pen mark found on her body, to the Doctor. It seems Canton is gloating
NYC. River song, is exploring an unfinished sky scraper. She hears the silence, ``I see, you. I see you’’
``Dr Song, Dr Song’’ Cantons men, revolvers drawn come after the archaeologist
``Its over, Canton’’, Dr song, confronts her would be captor You Were invaded. America is occupied. Dr Song is also covered in pen marks, on her face and arms. She wears a nice dress
``There is no way out.’’ Cantons words to his quarry there is always a way out
River winks, and falls. She is falling off the building
These bricks, begins the Doctor. Canton tells him, about the capture of Doctor Song, well, there attempt to capture her. She ran, of the 50th floor
The Doctor recognises the bricks there ``Zero balanced, dwarf star alloy, your building me, the perfect prison, observes the Doctor. It still won’t hold me
Rory, runs out of a doorway on Glen Canyon dam. He too is being chased by Canton, and is also, covered in pen marks. Rory stops and raises his hands; he is cut off, by Canton’s men. Rory asks, what they are waiting for. Canton replies I am ``Waiting for you to run, look better if I shot you while you were running’’ Than again ``Looks are not everything’’
Back inside Area 51. The Doctors prison cell is completed. Canton, having brought Rory and Amy down, brings there body bags into the Doctor. It seems Canton, is taunting the Doctor, the Timelord is in a Cell- A perfect cell. A Pandorica?
Nothing can penetrate these walls. No sound-no radio wave. The Doctor is left alone, with Canton, and the bodies of Rory and Amy. The door is closed. They are cut off, from the rest of the Universe.
The Doctor , releases himself, from his chains, and Rory and Amy rise, from the dead. Rory complains there are no air holes, in body bag. Canton observes that there have never been any complaints about the body bags from their past users. Amy asks if it won’t seem Odd, Canton in the cell for days, possibly weeks
``Odd, but not alarming,’’ The Tardis, becomes visible, as the Doctor falls against it. Our heroes make their escape
What about Dr Song, She jumped off a balcony, won’t she come to a mischief.
Nope the Doctor assures Canton. River Song does things like this. The Doctor asks Rory and Amy to open
Open all the doors, to the swimming pool. The Other Doctor lands safely in the Tardis.
With our heroes reunited. The Tardis dematerialises in front of Kennedy space center. The Doctor takes his team out, and describes the situation with the Silence The Silence are not just a landing party they are an occupying force. But the good news is we have got a secret weapon, Not Apollo 11, that would be silly!... Its Neil Armstrong’s foot!
A dark and stormy night. A car drives up to the gray stark orphanage
Canton, and amy get out of the car.
The scene switches back to the Tardis. The Doctor, is talking to his companions, and Canton. Rory, and Amy, and River, were searching for the Silence, for three months, while they were being chased, by Canton. Rory et al, have rubbed, the pen marks, off their faces.
The doctor, is injected everyone with something. He pauses in front of Amy, and asks her, if she is alright. Miss Pond, announces that she is. She was not pregnant, she was mistaken. Rory almost overhears.
The Aliens, have been on earth, for a long time. They walk amongst us. This is not fighting an invasion. This is leading a revolution.
The doctor than explains, what he was doing with the injection. He had implanted into each of them, a nano recorder linked to the telepathic centres of the brain. Since our Heroes cannot record information about the aliens conventionally. They will simply cease to remember, the aliens, when they are not talking with them, the doctor, has had to dip into his bag of tricks.
Canton fiddles with the Doctors bow, tie, and than his hand starts to flash.
The Doctor, asks him to repeat, what he just said. Canton, activates his hand message. He is describing seeing one of the silence.
The Doctor, had put the idea, in his head. There is a holographic image of the silence, taken from Amy’s phone.
The Doctor gives his team, a mission
Back to the Greystark House, and Canton,and Amy. Amy is lovely in a dark suit. Our Heroes call upon the home. They ask for Dr Renfrew. The Other Doctor, is wary. He says the children, are asleep. Amy assures him, that they will be quiet
``It’s about a missing Child. Canton gets Renfrew to open, the door, and let him, and Mrs Pond inside
Please excuse the writing. (The walls are covered with what looks like red paint. I hope its red paint)
``GET OUT!’’
The Children inquires Amy? Yes, the Children answers Renfrew, pathetically
We nearly, didn’t come here. We heard Greystark was closed in 1967. Dr Renfrew, answers yes we close in 1967.
``Its 1969’’
``.We close in 1967, that ‘s the plan’’ answers Renfrew
``You misunderstood, me sir, its 1969 now. July’’ Replied Canton Delaware 3rd
Why are you saying that. Says Renfrew..’ Confused, by Canton’s statement , and then duty takes over. My office is this way, begins Canton
Amy volunteers to go upstairs; she comes to the main dormitory. (Abandoned beds, and rocking horses It is a dismal sight that greets Amy)
Get out, Leave me alone, are inscribed on the walls. The only signs of life
The Doctor, (Our Favourite Timelord ) is speaking to Amy, and working on something. Something with wires. The Doctor advises, Amy not to spend much time, in the children’s home.
The Doctor is surprised. He promises he has put everything back, well almost everything. Two technicians, have caught the Doctor, as he works, on the (Camera pans back) The Doctor, has been working on the Apollo 11 Moon rocket
Meanwhile, Amy is in the children’s home, and the door slams on her, she gets a message. The place is full of the Silence, dozens of those things. Just get out, Get out. Amy tries the door, and runs for the window. Amy catches sight of herself, in the glass. She is covered on her face, and hands with marks. She has been trying to remember seeing the silence.

She raises her head and sees the silence sleeping on the roof, batlike. There skulls are damp. She kicks a bucket, by a bed. The silence stir, Amy goes to speak, into her hand, when the door opens. The Silence are gone

Unbeknownst to our beloved heroine we see a member of the Silence, observe Amy leave

Meanwhile, the Doctor is being interrogated, in a Nasa lecture hall. The walls are full of chalkboards and schematic. Its tow, men in ties, and shirt sleeves. Oh, and an MP. ( The Military policeman kind, not the delegates) They ask, the Doctor, what he was doing. The Doctor, says he was on a mission for the president. This fails to convince the Men, from NASA, who ask for some corroboration of his story. The Doctor, says he sent the President a message, he cannot think, where he got to

The president Richard Nixon, accompanied by River Song, and Rory, enter the room. the President, greets the two Nasa security officials by name, Mr Garner and Mr grant and thanks them for the service. reminding them that the hopes of millions of Americans, are resting on their shoulder, and The President wants to thank them personally
Mr Grant Mrs has a baby on the way, and the President asks him, what he hopes for, a boy or a girl. Mr Grants wishes are simply for a healthy American..

Back to the Childrens home
This place, its been closed for years what, have you been doing?
The child she must be cared for its important
Thats what they said
Thats what who said
Amy, is walking through the Childrens home, still covered in ink, when, a panel is removed from a door. A woman with one eye looks out, and states``No I think she is just dreaming’’
Amy tries the door, she saw the woman look through. However the door is solid. Heavy metal,
She enters a room. A neatly furnished Child’s room, with lots of toys. In contrast to the abandoned chaos of the rest of greystake
A mobile hangs abouve the bed. The bedside cabinent, is full of pictures of a girl, a little girl. A pretty little thing, red head. Than amy gasps, there is one, that shocks her
Its Amy and the child. The child is newborn
``How can that be me?’’
There is the noise of a respiration pack. Amy turns around and sees the Astronaut enter the room.
Who are you?
The Spaceman lifts her visor, its a shivering little girl
I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to shoot you, I am glad I missed. But you killed the doctor,
Who are you Amy demands. _very scottish
Please help me
The silence, enter the room, and Amy screams.
Canton, and Renfrew, hear the screams. Renfrew, is called to the door, and tells someone its just some questions
The silence, enter, Canton activates his hand recorder. The ex G man, begs that the silence, tell him, how long they have been here, and if they are armed
``This world, is ours, we have ruled it since the wheel and the fire, we have no need of weapons’’
Yeah welcome to America..Canton shoots the Silence.

You have to tape everything that goes on, in here. The Lord President of the Time Lords, is advising the 37th President. You have to trust me, and no body else. When the Gailfreyan is called away. Amy is in trouble. The Tardis, departs for Washington
Canton can hear amy’s voice coming from the vaulted room. He tries to blow the lock open with his firearm . The Doctor, appears having flown from DC. Using the trusty sonic, the door is opened, but where is Mrs Williams?
A little girl, has escaped from her captors.
The space suit is empty
So dark, so dark, I don’t know where I am
The nano recorder has been taken out of Amy,.
Is it a recording?
The feed is live, wherever she is, that Amy, and t
This is what she saying
Rory, tells his wife, he is coming. They tell him, he cannot be heard
She can always hear, me Doctor. She always knows, that I am coming for her.
Doctor, can you hear me, Amy
Renfrew nterupts, he tries to tell team Tardis, that someone has been shot.
The doctor is introduced, to the Silence,
The Silence, recognises the Doctor. It tells, him who they are, and repeats their slogan. ``Silence will fall’’ There is a recap, of the episodes of last season. The Silence, being mentioned in the Eleventh Hour, The Doctor, talking to Rory, in Vampires of Venice
At area 51, Canton leaves the Black dwarf star alloy cell, that we saw being constructed earlier
He is questioned by an airforce sarge, what had he been doing in there. They were there for days
Canton asks, for Dr Sheperd. The NCO, says he should call Col Jefferson. Canton Delaware says he doesn’t want to do that.
President Nixon, than leaves the Cell. After taking the salute. He introduces himself, and thanks the men on duty at Area 51.
We than see stock footage, of the preparation for Apollo 11’s launch
The Doctor, and rive examine the space sit. They found in florida. Its full of different types of Alien tech. Its armed, and has a sophsicated life support system, It converts sunlight into food.
Rather like the Salamanders suncatcher
The little girl, gets frightened, the most powerful man in the world gets a phone call
Night terrors with a hotline to the white house. The Doctor eyes are drawn to the envelope that brought him, River, Rory and Amy and Canton together Its Tardis blue summoned by a stranger
Our lives are back to front. Your future is my past. Your first is my last
Ask something else, demands River. Now in work wear, rather than formalwear
What are the silence doing? They are looking after the girl, even giving her freedom...
The doctor, is asking questions, about the suit. Trying to think Rory is irritated
``She forced her way out, she must be incredibly strong’’ River is examining the suit. Whoever that girl is she, is something special
More Apollo 11 footage as the doctor riffs on the silence
Silence, are super parasites. The manipulate. They do it on a global scale. They get people other species to build what they want. Why does the human race decide to go to the moon, because the silence need a space suit
Apollo 11 launches

Back in the box . Dr Sheperd, is staring in disgust and awe at the the wounded silence. Canton, is trying to explain, what is happening, but shepperd, does not understand. Seeing an Alien, he insists on informing Colonel Jefferson. As he stands up and turns around after seing the silence. The USAF doctor, The 4th in this episode. forgets, and demands an explanation from the SGT.

The Silence, tells Canton, that he has tended to his wounds. You are foolish, (Canton asks what the silence would do, in their place ) we have ruled your lives since your lives began
You should kill us all on sight, your world is ours. But you will never remember us.
This is a video phone whatever a video phone is
We can hear amy, wimpering
The suit is repairing itself, according to Dr songs study. She wonders if the suit, can work without an occupant. The little girl, said the spaceman, was coming for her after all., Trying to eat her

Rory is listening to Amy

He hears say, when you fell out of the sky, before that her life was so boring
Keep your stupid face, where I can see it...Rorys heart must be next to the Titanic....

Can’t you save her asks Mr Pond
This is their (The silence) empre. They live here replies the Doctor`
`This is kicking the romans out of rome''

Rome, fell, replies Rory

I know I was there... answers the Doctor
So, was I... answers the Nurse from Leadworth.

The Doctor, asks Rory, if he remembers, his days as the last centurion. `` Two Thousand years as the last centurion'' Rory lies, and says he doesn't. The Doctor, sees through the deciet, but rory, says he only remembers sometimes. A door in his head.

Americans, and people around the world, are watching Apollo 11. In the Whitehouse, President Nixon, with some of his staff. Elsewhere in America in a bar, by a TV in a shop window.

Amy, wakes up bound, and at the mercy of the Silence. The Silence, identify her, as Amelia pond, and say they honour the wan, whom will bring forth the silence. Amy, replies. that the silence, are ugly.

The Silence, taunt Amy, that she has been with them many days, and after seeing her distress, and confusion. The Silence order Amelia to sleep

The Tardis

Oh Interesting, The Doctor recognises, the Silence, control room, from the Lodger

The Doctor, is holding a Television, and he is confident.

This is my friebd, river, she has nice hair, and her own gun. The Doctor says he should not like that, but he does, and assures our Aliens that River, will kill at least the first three. River, says the first 7...

Amy scolds the doctor for flirting. Pointing out the bound companion should be the priority
Rory unbinds his wife.

The Doctor,tells the Silence, he will accept their surrender. After all, what is the point of having two hearts if you cannot be generous at time

I'm lying I won't let you go, nice thought, but its not Christmas. It is indeed July 1967.

The doctor asks about the little girl, in the space suit. The silence keep their own counsel. The Doctor sighs, and goes forward with his plan. There are 500 millon people watching the Moon landings across the world, and later throughout human history. They will see, Neil Armstrong taking the first step on the move.

The Doctor, sends a message to canton in the Dwarf star alloy cell. The former G-Man plays with Amys Video phone

The Silence, have in the Doctors, words, ``ordered their own execution ....for a thousand generations''

The feed from Apollo 11, is interrupted, and the Silence, who told Canton, that ``you should kill us all on sight'' It is seen, across the world. In the White House, the secret service, pull their pistols. In the Bar, somewhere in the heartland, the Silence, who was standing behind a group of drinkers, is about to be, well I guess Lynched.


The Doctor, was talking to his Companions, Not the Silence. Who now attack. River starts shooting, the Doctor, activates his sonic. Which as River points out, is good for building Cabinets, but not helpful now. The Doctor, does help rory free Amy. Our Heroes and Heroines retreat back to the Tardis.

River is the last woman standing, and balletically disposes, of the remaining silence.
As Rory, pops, his head behind the Tardis door. River asks, if her old fella, saw that. Rory asks her, what type of Dr, is River Song,

``Archaeology, Love a tomb''

The Lord of Time, and The Doctor of Archaeology bicker, over how to pilot a Tardis.
Rory and Amy reunited. Rory says he thought Amy was talking about the Doctor, when she said, she fell out the sky. Than Rory, heard Amy call him stupid. Husband and wife embrace

Back to the White house. The President thanks the Doctor, for his help, and suggests that they can now, all sleep safe, in their beds. The Doctor says there are a billion things coming for them... Nixon, looks aghast, but keeps his composure. He asks the Doctor, who he now realises is from the Future, will History remember President Richard Nixon

The Doctor assures him, he will never be forgotten... and tto say hi to Richard Frost

The Doctor than tells, President Nixon, that Canton was kicked, out of the FBI, for wanting to get married. President Nixon.. begins, that he knows, what people think about but assures Mr Canton he is quite liberal. Then the 37th President asks if the person asks Canton if the person he wanted to marry, was black. When Canon replies yes HE is is... Mr Nixon, tells him, that the Moon is far enough for now

As River and the Doctor depart at the stormcage confinement facility. The place Dr Song calls Home. The Doctor, tells River she could come with them. River says she made a promise, as the Doctor tries to slip away. The Doctor is kissed by River. Surprising the Doctor. A first time, for everything he says, and River sighs, and a last time

The Doctor in the TARDIS, sends Rory to get some servo connectors so he can talk to Amy. Amy says she cannot, remember everything that happened to her, with the Silence...

The Doctor asks Amy why she told him that she is pregnant....

Amy says she is no longer pregnant, She thought she was. She told, the Doctor, when he presses her, on the subject, because she has spent so much time, in the Tardis. What happens, if the Baby, had grown three heads, or a time head or something

The Doctor laughs, ``Whats a Time head''

Rory has been listening on the Nano recorder. Which he was holding. Amy realizes, this and scolds him. She tells Rory to stop being so stupid. Rory replies, he is a nurse, and good with pregnancies. Not this one, counters his pretty wife

The Doctor, than asks his companions about the little girl, who was the little girl, and then pilots the Tardis off to have new adventures. ``After all, you only live once'' Rory and Amelia look at each other wishing that the Doctor would not tempt fate so.

The Time lord scans the little girl, who waited, who is pregnant and not pregnat

Sixth months later, in New York city. In the city that never sleeps, a little girl disturbs a homeless, man. The girl is weak and sick, but she says she will get better....

The Gold fire of regeneration lights inside the child


What a great opening sequence. I really thought Canton had become a turncoat. ditto, the X files tribute, with Amy as the redhead with the Torch. Seeing Renfrews, fate was horrible. A man, reduced to a shell. It was

Is the Doctor scanning Amy, without telling her a little weird.

River has quite little to do, in the first half of this episode. She is basically eye candy, until she is investigating the Space suit

The Silence, control room, is the ship from the Lodger.

Interesting to think that president Nixon, has been inside the TARDIS, That the Silence, will add to Nixon's paranoia, however there will be no Torchwood analogue, Richard Nixon, is quite a sympathetic character in this episode actually.

Odd, that the Doctor, gets rid of the Silence, from Earth, by having the Human race kill them. Yes, I know give them a taste of their own medicine. Still, its basically mass murder. Its

Where does NASA, get Dwarf star alloy from to build a cell, and if Radio waves cannot get inside, how can Canton receive the Doctors call..

I missed, the little girl escaping from her room, in my first viewing. Thank you I-player.

A great start to the series. Lets see where we go from here

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