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For over a third of a century I have had darkish hair, I wear glasses. I watch too much TV. I read a little. I gave up smoking on 1st January 2007. I would rather be in Hawaii. In 2005, I held the title of ``Greatest Sword in all France'' In 1991 I won a the 1V form prize.


 Father of Autistic spectrum daughter

Why is the blog called Liar and a dreamer?

Its was something I was called by a beautiful blonde. I liked it so, I kept it

Why should I trust a blog, written by a liar?

Maybe you should not? You should be careful on the internet.

Why are you called  Malchera? Is that your name? What does it mean?

No, it was a character in a book, my father was reading when I was very young. I don't recall the name of the  the book alas. I have some notion, it means dog like. Maybe hairy or furry like a dog.  If you google Malchera, you get a lot of slavic language answers. I wonder if the name was from a Western, a slavic character had, taken an Irish name.

Why don't you just use your real name?

I might complain about work. I might, post something which has historical and thus political interest. I might be talking about someone one else. If I use my real name, and complain about a co worker, or mope over a girl. Than that might look more personal than I intend. If it was read six months afterward, and I have cooled down and moved on. Also, there are unpleasant people on the internet.
 I think we would rather all not engage with. This is particularly important now ( 2013) As I live in South America. Actually my wife received weird hate mail Why did you choose this design?

Its from a website.

Do you remember what website?

No wish I did. Its the wolf/dog from Malchera, howling at the moon. It has`` Liar and a dreamer written in Irish''. Ungrammatically

Update, yes I do, its from here

Did you think of any other names for your site?

Yep, ``Crazy like a fox'' and Beta male blues

Why didn't you choose them?

I thought they may have done, and I am glad in retrospect I didn't choose beta, it sounds too depressing. Crazy like a fox, I use to copy write my youtube videos. Just as a bit of fun

Update since I got married. I suppose I am no longer a beta male...Indeed as a father

What about Sleeping under the Cross, what is that? Its an alternate history set in South America

Can you explain it more?

 An alternate history, is a historical novel or essay set, in a universe, where events happened differently. So most famously Hitler wins World War 2, or the Confederate states triumph, in the American civil war.
In Sleeping under the Cross. The Irish don't lose at Kinsale, at 1601.
Gaelic Ireland wins its last battle, but still loses is war. However the result is there is a much larger  war across the British Isles, as the Gaels rise against the two Crowns. ( England and Scotland)  Backed by Spanish dollars. The result is that the Gaels still lose, and our driven into exile. However this time, it is not a few chiefs, and there retainers, it is an army. Faced with the continunal ire of the English and Scots, the Irish are quietly  settled in South America. Specifically Argentina, the port of Buenos Aires. From there, I continue the story.

Sounds interesting!

Yes, I get a lot of polite responses. I wanted to see, if the Irish could create a modern state, away from the British . What would it be like? Would they do better, How would they deal with black slavery? With the reformation? with freedom of the press? What would the Irish be like without the British?

I have since used the site to record interesting information on Irish History.  I occasionally post other AH there. I use it as a site for my ESL  students

Do you still work in ``Hades'' ?

Yes I do. I work underground in a storage facility. I thought it was an interesting analogy, but it fell out of use

No, I have since, November 2012, I have moved to South America, to get married and raise a family. Thus I no longer work in Hades. Its almost impossible that I will return.

Have you ever started to smoke again?

No, as of 23/2/2011

Update: Since moving to South America, I have fallen into bad habits.
No since I became a Dad

Can I comment on your blog?

Yes please do

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