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For over a third of a century I have had darkish hair, I wear glasses. I watch too much TV. I read a little. I gave up smoking on 1st January 2007. I would rather be in Hawaii. In 2005, I held the title of ``Greatest Sword in all France'' In 1991 I won a the 1V form prize.

Song for the day

``Song for the day

( An original idea stolen from my friend Miss Misery)

``Paint it Black''``The Rolling stones''

Pulp ``Common people''/ Mile end.''

Madonna ``Beautiful Stranger!''

``Samson and Deliah'', from Shirley Manson

``I don't like Mondays!'' the Boomtown rats

``When your Evil'' `Voltaire

The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist

``There's gotta be more to life'' Stacey 

``Build me up Buttercup ''
Bif Naked ``Lucky''
Dido ``life for rent''
``This is Galifrey'' Murray Gold
``Who wants to live forever ''Queen
``Laid'' James
Slyde  ``Russian Girls are dangerous
Your so vain, Carly Simon
The rains of Castamere, Game of Thrones soundtrack

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