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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Doctor Who The asylum of the Daleks.

The asylum of the Daleks


( 11 equals the Doctor, the 11th Doctor, Red is Amy )

It starts on Skaro. The ancient homeland of the Daleks.,  We see either a huge statue of a Dalek, or the petrified remains of a Dalek. On a burnt broken world.... A woman is talking to a daughter now lost

First there were the Daleks, and there was the man who fought them. Than in time he died They say this man died. There are others who say that this man who fought them, somehow he survived

we must hope these stories are true....

I got your message.... A man, the Oncoming storm, answers the damsel in distress in deep space

I have a daughter, Hanna. ....They say you can help... The woman in the ruins informs the Doctor

They said I have to intrigue you... Hannah's mother to the Doctor
Who told you about me?.... Your very well informed..If Hannah is in a Dalek prison camp, why aren't you?
I escaped...... No, Nobody escapes  from a Dalek prison camp.The Doctor is not convinced. No one escapes from Dalek Prison camps. Insists the last survivor of the Time War.

 The Doctor asks of the stranger. The Doctor pulls back the cloak to reveal a woman. A mother of a daughter Hannah. The Woman is here, on the ruins of Skaro.

Its a trap! What is ? Hannah's mother begins...You , says the Doctor,  and you don't even know it

 Then out of the strangers forehead, a Dalek eyepiece appears, the cloaked stranger blasts the doctor with her hand, gun. The Doctor falls

The Doctor is acquired The voice of Daleks insist

We return to earth. Amy is in the middle of a fashion shoot. A boy, a runner enters the room. Amy is having her photo taken on a grand staircase. The boy tells Amy that her husband is here. I don't have a husband says Amy, Well apparently you still do
You have to sign these, Rory sits down with his back to Amy. The first time we have seen him avoid looking at Amy in the entire series.  Sign these, and like magic the magic, between Amy and Rory is over
Can't chat working, Amy begins

Really thought you were just pouting at a camera  Rory observes. What has happened to the Ponds? The make up girl comes in and starts to work on Amy, she notices that the once and future Ms Williams seems so pale. Then a Dalek eye piece breaks out of her forehead and the voice of the Daleks proclaims, ``Amelia Pond is acquired''

Rory walks out of the big house, and gets onto a bus, Mr Williams, has his wife signiature on the papers . As the bus driver is about to set off, there is flash of light. Again the same message from the Daleks.
 Rory Williams is acquired.

The Humans, the husband and wife, wake up in a white room.
Where are we? Outside there are spaceships, the Dalek spaceships, the upturned flying saucers.
So how much trouble are we in ? Rory asks his wife

How much trouble are we in  Mr Pond  out of 10?, eleven! States the Lord President of the Time lords. The Doctor has joined his human companions, escorted and guarded by Daleks.

The floor begins to rise. The Daleks are big on elevators without handles

Where are we ? Spaceship right?

The Parliment of the Dalek's, the Galifreyan observes. The Doctor and is companions, are in an Arena surrounded by thousands maybe tens of thousands of Daleks. ?

Be brave The Doctor tells his Mother in Law. What do we do?, asks the most beautiful Scottish woman there ever was...Make them remember you, the Doctor tells Amy.
The Doctor addresses his enemies . You got me, here I am, Its Christmas, here I am..

Save us, Save us, reply the Daleks. The most hated enemies of the Doctor, beg him.

You will save the Daleks!

Save the Daleks, save the Daleks, save the Daleks!

This is new 


In a little room, in world away.  The music of Carmen plays. A girl in a red dress. A brunette, I love brunettes. The lady has a  pretty smile, is making a journal entry. Day 363 the terror continues. A daughter is thinking of her mother, she has baked her mother a soufle, but it has not come out right....Its burned black.
They had tried to get in last night. However her defences, boards across the door had held

The Doctor is pacing up and down . Rory asks his Wife, what is he doing. Amy guesses her formerly imaginary friend, has counted the Daleks, counted the exits located the most defensible position in the room, and has also calculated the distance Rory and Amy are standing apart.

(Something is wrong with the Ponds, I tell you...) The Dr staightens in bow tie

We have arrived ,the Human drone of the Daleks, announces to the prisoners The Prime minister of the Daleks( The Daleks have come down from using an Emperor and a Dalek supreme) will speak with you now. The machine which once had a daughter informs, the captives

Do you remember who you are? the Doctor asks the woman  he met on Skaro. You had a daughter,
I know I read my file. The Daleks, have created a drone, where there was once life. Yet the affairs of the galaxy, distract us from  on this  horror

The Doctor is asked by his adversary what do you know of the Asylum of the Daleks?

The Dalek asylum the planet where you lock up the Daleks who have gone mad. The Daleks too dangerous too battle scar and crazy for even Daleks, but the Doctor insists the idea is bunkum. The Daleks would simply kill their mad and bad brothers.

It is offensive to us extinguish such divine hatred

Does it surprise you to know that Daleks have a concept of beauty? The Dalek PM leers at the Doctor
The Daleks having told the Doctor no, they would not act against their mad and bloody brethren. Such hatred is beautiful
An idea the Doctor defines as ``Offensive'' Mr Song, ( Remember he is married)  then goes on to observe that the Daleks find new ways to make him sick.

Hatred is beautiful, The Dalek PM muses,  Perhaps that is why we have never been able to kill you (Doctor)

A gap in the floor has opened.

The Aslyum is planet shaped and sized .It has millions of Daleks, a core of hatred and insanity down to well the planets core. It is fully automated, the Asylum, supervision is not required

The Aslyum is fully automated the Dalek human drone tells, our heroes
Amy inquires if the mutant Kaleds are armed? Daleks are never unarmed
What colour , asks Rory. When met with several looks, Nurse Williams notes all the good questions have been asked. A signal is being received from the very heart of the aslyylum

What is the noise, explain, explain? 

(The music of Carmen plays)

Its me, playing the triangle, the Doctor, is playing Air triangle. The Daleks, have not tracked back the signal and tried to reply... So the Doctor answers.
Carmen, hello come in, hello do you read me,..... ID and Status? The Doctor speaks through the Com system to the girl on the planet below
Hello are you real?  Are you actually properly real ? Enquires the pretty girl. She gives her name rank and alas no phone number. She is the Junior entertainment manager on the star ship Alaska

Oswin Oswald, crashed and shipwrecked and on ice....Provisions good, but keen to move on. The Doctor asks if she is in any form of trouble, the Doctor asks after the local fauna I know a Dalek when I hear one replies Oswin.

What have you been doing against the Daleks for a year?

 Oswin says she has been making soufflés. The Doctor asks, where do you get the milk?

The conversation is irrelevant the Daleks, declare!

The Asylum must be cleansed, state the Daleks. They have no time for desserts. The Time Lord has realised the danger, is someone can get into the Asylum, than something can get out. If something can get out, than remember these are crazy evil Daleks. The Daleks are scared. They don't want a tsunami of crazy Daleks spreading across the Universe. The Aslyum is guarded by a powerful forcefield
So why don't the Daleks just blast it, the Asylum?The forcefield, is too strong Then 11 has the idea, to
send in a couple of Daleks to slip into the asylum and turn off the defences. Than the Daleks can destroy there beautiful abominations....


The Dr applauds, he has realised the plan that the Prime Minister of the Daleks has in mind

Your all too scared to go down there.... The Timelord taunts them.

The predator of the Daleks will be deployed

Rather than risking Dalek blood and polycarbide they will send the Doctor down, to the Asylum to take care of the situation there. If the situation is too dangerous for the Daleks, well you send the  ``The predator of the Daleks. ''The Predator is the Dalek word for you'', explains the robot version of Hannah s mother to the Doctor.

Why would the Doctor go, because there is no other means of escape....

Our Heroes are handed bracelets that will protect them against the Nano cloud. The defence system employed by the Dalek asylum

The gravity beam, will convey the Doctor and his friends down

Your going to fire me at a planet? Firing me at a planet.No 11 is not happy with the idea.
To be fair, that is slightly your M.O  ( Mr Williams)
So why abduct Amy and Rory?

It is known that the Doctor requires companions.

As the Doctor and Amy and Rory, are brought to the edge of a precipice to be cast down to a planet full of insane Daleks. Our favourite red head when asked if she is scared, inquires ``Who's scared?''

The Daleks slaves have given our heroes a set of bracelets to guard them, against the Nano cloud, the asylums, automated defence system


Like John Sheridan our heroes jump. ( Classical reference)

The Asylum is a winter world. A fitting home, for the good ship AlaskaA man, we presume a survivor from the Alaska. Is working outside, maybe drilling. The driller comes to where our heroes have landed

Hello, are you okay? The man who was working on the Ice asks the fallen Amelia

Rory... Doctor...
 Amy runs off  Harvey....Whose Rory, where are you going?

An eyestalk rises above the snows, takes a look and moves on. Its pops under the snows, and follows the Doctor to where he landed. Then blasts the music of Carmen Sorry pressed the wrong switch!

Souffle girl....?

You could always call me oswin seeing as thats my name The Doctor wants to know how Oswin can use the Dalek tech  Its very easy to hack, answers the Junior entertainment manager of the Starship Alaska  No it isn't insists the Time lord and where are you asks 11? Ship broke up when it hit, somewhere underground Is the reply from the fair chef

Souffle girl.come back

DOCTOR Where's Rory..
. there was another beam.. Harvey points  into the distanceAre you the rescue team...?
Amy finds a hole in the Ice, rather than her husband. .  RORY RORY
Rory  has fallen. Into a graveyard of Daleks.

Meanwhile back on the surface

We came down two days ago  12 other escape pods I don't know where they are explains Harvey.Harvey notes they were on the Alaska
Alaska the same, ship as Souffle girl Except she's been here a year

Won't you introduce us to your crew?  The Doctor asks

Oh yes sorry, guys this the Doctor and Amy. Guys,

The crew are dead. There corpses are rotted.  The Doctor scans, the corpses with his sonic.

There dead, all of them. They have been for quite a while

That's not possible, I just spoke to them two hours ago, we've been doing engine repairs Harvey insists
I'd say they all been dead for a very long time
Of course....
Of course what? Interjects  the Redhead Or course stupid me(Harvey) Of course stupid me. I died outside, and the cold preserved my body. I'd forgotten about dying. 
Harvey's forehead opens the reveal a Dalek eyestalk, and moves to attack the Dr and Amy. The Dr grabs a fire extinguisher, to repel dead Dalek Harvey, and he and the Scot push Harvey out a door.

Explain, that's what your good at, how they get all Daleked ?Amy insists
He wasn't wearing one of these. The Doctor points to the wristbands both Amy and the  Dr wear. A gift from the Daleks.
That's clever....the nano clouds. The automated defence system of the Aslyum.  It turns organic matter living or dead into a Dalek puppet. So anyone attacking the Dalek Aslyum swaps sides

Living or dead? Amy asks the Doctor remembering that they are in room full of corpses These wristbands protect us the Doctor continues on with his thought.

Doctor shut up up. Living or dead....

Oh dear....

The dead rise, from their seats to attack the doctor, and his companion. 11 and Mrs Williams, skedaddle over the seats, and lock the Dalek dead, out.

Is it bad that I really miss this... Says Amy once she and the Doctor have escaped from the Dalek Dead
A voice comes over the coms. Its Oswin, mimicking a stewardess telling the Doctor and Amy that unauthorised personnel are not allowed in the cockpit... The Doctor is bemused

Mr grumpy  ....Bad combo no sense of humour and that chin. Oswin teases 11  Oi What's wrong with my chin replies 11. Careful dear could have someone's eye out... is the rebuttal

Is that her again soufflé girl ( Amy asks)

Scanning you, your in another of the escape pods from the Alaska

Your in a crashed ship... The Doctor is still fascinated how Oswin can manipulate the Dalek technology

Long story...Is there a word for total screaming genius...That sounds modest and a tiny bit sexy. 

The Doctor you  call me the Doctor 

 See what you did there...check the floor, I am picking up a breach at floor level there could be a way out. See you later
As the Doctor and Amy work on an escape hatch, which . The Doctor asks Amy about Rory, what happened.
Are we going to do this now the red head asks.  We split up, what can you do.. Amy tells the Doctor
what can I do? asks 11
Nothing, its not one of those things you can fix like you fix your bow tie Don't give me those big wet eyes raggedy man...Its life, just life The thing that goes on when your not there

The Doctor taking this in, notes Someone else got out this way...

The Dead are banging on the door up above. The Doctor and Amy check the the dead, against the monitor. The corpses from the Alaska, are banging on the door, trying to follow Amy and her friend. The Doctor see's something on the wrist of one of the Daleked Dead

Its Amy anti nano cloud bracelet. Its what protects her from becoming a Dalek

Doctor what's  going to happen to me seriously. Tell me what? Amelia pond is desperate
As the Dead bang on the door, the answer is clear and terrible

Rory is walking underground, among the frozen and hibernating and wounded Daleks. He tries to move around one, and disturbs a piece of metal.
( In the Background we see, the special weapons Dalek )

The Dalek begins to speak eggs. eggs. Rory is confused by this, and seeing the spherical pieces of armour that the Daleks use, on the floor about him, assumes that the Dalek is referring to this as an egg.
I don't know what you want, are those things eggs?
Eggs...repiles the Dalek
 You want this ? Rory is still confused, and alone
Ex term in ate...!
A Dalek shoots

Emegerncy exterminate exterminate.,
Oswin, tells Rorys the Daleks rise from there slumber, just  run.. Daleks are beginning to come to life. The Daleks are still shooting. Rory manages to escape, from the enemy

So anyway I'm Oswin, Oswin says to Rory

Rory, Rory replies

Rory lovely name Rory... first boy I ever fancied was called Rory. Actually she was called Nina, and I was going through a phase...Just flirting to keep you cheerful explains the lovely Oswin
The war cry of the Daleks sounds in the background. EXTERMINATE. As they batter at the door.
Okay any time you want to start flirting again is fine by me... Rory confides

We return to Amy and the Doctor

Tell me whats going to happenDon't Lie, I know when your lying to me, and I will definitely fall on you. (Amy and the Dr are climbing down a ladder)

The air all around is full of Micomachines, robots the size of molecules answers the Timelord
Now that your unprotected your being rewritten. After Amy asks if she is due to get an eyestalk the Dr replies. physical changes come later.
Well what comes first? how with your mind, 
your feelings your memories
Its started already
How do you know?
We've had this conversation 4 times finishes the Doctor.
Okay scared now..... Amy confesses
Hang onto scared, scared isn't Dalek, answers her Raggedy man

( Back to Rory)

Hey there big boy...
 if its a straight choice I prefer Nina. Rory replies to Oswin
Loving this the nose and the chin, you two could fence!
There's a door behind you. In there quickly Okay your safe for now Pop your shirt off, quick as you like. 
Why? inquires Nurse Williams
Does there have to be a reason? replies Oswin

Amy and the Doctor again
The Doctor and his companion open a door, they can see an empty room, with chains or harnesses over the floor. The Doctor tells, Amy to keep a lookout.  The Dr, tries to contact Oswin. She replies to him... and the doctor asks Why can't I ever see you? Oswin gives several reasons including limited power, and bad hair. Oswin has sent our heroes a map.

I put your little friend somewhere safe. I can get you to him.( Oswin to the Dr)
Rory you found Rory... answers 11
I call him Nina, its a personal thing, answers the girl in the red dress
How many Daleks ahead of me now?
Its hard to say 10, 20.. Some of them are catatonic but they do have fire-power.
The Doctor calls after Amy, who has walked off

While the tete a tete between Oswin and the Timelord has been happening Amy has been having what looks like a fever dream.  Amy has wandered off from the room, the Doctor left her outside, is in Amy's mind, filled with people, Men and women in suits and dresses. A child, a red-headed ballerina dancing,

sssh its okay its just people here... Amelia pond insists
Its the Nano-cloud its altering your perception . Look again those are not people, take my hand, run..
Amy snaps out of her funk, and realises the Danger she and her friend are in The Doctor and Amy run, away from the Daleks. No there coming down... The Doctor and Amy hide in a corridor

Intruder... A Dalek chases Amy and 11, down the corridor, they come to a dead end.
The Dalek tries to shoot his prey,  but he is out of  energy....

We see the next scene from the Daleks P.O.V The Doctor challenges the Dalek to Identify him.
Identify me....Whose your Daddy
You are the Predator 
Access your standing orders concerning the predator
The predator is to be destroyed.
and how are you going to do that, Dalek without a gun, your a tricyle with a roof. How are you going to destroy me?
( we see the Dalek activate its self destruct sequence) It informs the Human and the Timelord of its and there immediate destruction .
Its going to blow itself up. The Doctor takes his sonic and starts, to fiddle with the Dalek, under its helmet/eyestalk. Self destruct cannot be countermanded.
I am not looking for countermand dear, I am looking for reverse. The Dalek, suddenly spins backward down the corridor away from The Dr and Amy.
Forwards, Forwards
There is a large bang and the Dalek, is destroyed. Not just the gunless Dalek, but a pack of its fellows.

What was that, that was close? Rory asks Oswin, what happened?
 Who killed all the Daleks?

Who do you think?

The Doctor carrying Amy, is reunited with Rory They place Amy down, safely. Amy has been stunned by the blast, or has succumbed to the cloud. Will sleeping help her? slow down the process?
Better hope so... because pretty soon, Shes going to try and kill you...replies Oswin to Rory's questions
Oswin is monitoring the Doctor and his companions  on the coms
Amy stirs
Amy its me..As Amy comes round...
Do you remember me...Rory asks his wife
(slap) She remembers me  Same old Amy
do you know how you make someone into a Dalek. Subtract love add anger, doesn't she seem a bit too angry to you? Well somebodies never been to Scotland!

Why hasn't  the nano cloud converted you? The Dr asks Owsin. I mentioned the genius thing? Shielded in here... 
Clever of you, now this place,the Daleks said it was fully  automated look at it its a wreck

Had nearly a year to mess, with them (The Daleks) and not a lot else to do...

The Doctor runs through what he, and the audience know about Oswin. She is a  junior entertainment manager. Who has survived for a year on the ruins of a star ship. Oswin, is hacking the Daleks technology, the most advanced warrior race, in the universe. They who fought the Time Lords to a standstill, in the great time war...But you know what really gets me about you Oswin ?The soufflés, where do you get  milk?
The Doctor asks if anyone else is curious about that ?

Frankly No twice...   replies Mr Pond-Williams

Why do the Daleks call you the predator? Oswin has been looking up the Doctor. The Dalek database is riddled with accounts of him.

I''m not a predator, I'm  just a man with a plan... replies the Alien. I'm all ears pipes up Rory
There's a nose joke going if someone wants to pick that one off.

The Doctor, then outlines his plan. They need to neutralise the remaining Daleks in the Asylum  They need to get off, the planet. Rescue Oswin, and save the Pond's marriage.
Okay I counted three lost causes anyone else? , Amy opines. Rory looks downcast as she says this...

The Dr addresses Oswin, above this planet, is a Dalek Space ship. Oswin is aware of this, she has scanned it.  The Ayslum has a forcefield, The Daleks upstairs are waiting for me to turn it off. Soon as I do, they will burn this whole world and us with it
So Oswin my question is this, how fast can you drop the forcefield?
Pretty fast, but why would I?
The Dr has rested Amy on a teleport. The Timelords, are good at teleporters and Black holes. The Dr can reprogram the Dalek Transport to beam them off the planet.
I can boost the power, once the forcefield is down... we can use it to beam us right off this planet
Once the forcefield is down won't the Dalek ship attack the planet/Asylum
The Daleks would blow us up, observes one of the Ponds. Thats why our Heroes will beam out
Where do we beam too... The Daleks shipThey would exterminate us on the spot
So this is the kind of  escape plan where you survive for 4 seconds.
What's wrong with 4 seconds you can get a lot done in 4 seconds. Oswin how fast can you drop the forcefield? I can do it from here.  As soon as you come and get me
No, just drop the forcefield and come to us..
Theres enough power in that teleport for one go. Why would you wait for me
Why would'nt I? 
No Idea, never met you. Sending you a map, so you can come and get me..
This place is crawling with Daleks.. To which Oswin replies yeah kind of why I'm anxious to leave.
Are we going to go and get her?I don't think that we have a choice.
The Doctor tells, Rory to escape via the transporter, if it gets too hot, and not to worry about him, they are the ones about to beam into a Dalek spaceship Rory asks about his wife.
Keep Amy remembering keep her focus.. that will hold back the conversion
What do I do?, demands Am You heard what she said, there subtracting love don't let them...

The Doctor sets off down a corridor, with Dalek voices running through the background.

Amy and Rory are alone...

Okay look at me, I'm gonna  be logical cold and logical, for both of us  I'm going to take this off my wrist and put it on yours . Rory tells his wife
Amy is not convinced or pleased with this suggestion, she points out the process will simply begin to convert Rory.
Yeah, but it will buy us time... it will take longer with me
It subtracts love... that's what she said. Red is not sure what Rory or indeed Oswin means
Its just arithmetic It will take longer with me, because we both know, we've both always known.
Amy basic fact of our relationship is that I love you more, than you love me. Which today is good news because it might just save both of our lives
How can you say that?
2000 years waiting for you outside a box, saying that because its true
Don't you dare say that to me, don't you ever say that me!
Amy you kicked me out
You want kids, you have always wanted kids. ever since you were a kid!
I can't have them
I know
Whatever they did to me, at Demon's run, I can't ever give you children! I didn't kick you out I gave you up 
 don't compare waiting outside a box, to giving you up
Just give me your arm..Rory grabs his wife's arm, and discovers Amy is wearing a bracelet. She is safe from the conversion.

The Doctor has slipped it on, the bracelet, when Amy was sleeping
Timelord, he probably doesn't even need it
Why didn't he just tell us...

Amy looks away tears running down her cheek. We return to the Dr in the corridor, on his way to Oswin

Oswin I think I am close
You are....Less than 20 feet away. Oswin checks her map, which is good news
Oswin tells, the Doctor he is about to pass through intensive care. There are Daleks, all about the Dr, they are dormant and silent. The  The Timelord, asks what's so special about these Daleks?
Survivors of particular wars, Spirodon , exxilion, vulcan replies Oswin
All of them,
These are the Daleks that survived me
DOC.. Tor.. Doc..torr.  Doctor. 
These Daleks don't normally wake for anything, notes the Brunette in the red dress. Well, they have a special visitor 11, replies. The Dr is trying to get the last door, open, using his sonic. As the Daleks around him wake
The Doctor is surrounded by Daleks, and pleads Oswin get this door open, Oswin replies, she can't and than has a flash of inspiration, smiling, she works on the Dalek database... We can hear the Doctor plead. Plungers and Guns, of angry vengeful Daleks surround the trapped Timelord.

Then the attack stops, and the Daleks break off. ( Though being homocidal Daleks, one wonders why they did not just shoot the Dr anyway)

Oh that is cool tell me I'm cool chin boy
What did you do?
Oswin is pleased. The Dr demands, she tells him, what she did, before she opens the door.
The path web the Daleks have a hive mind, well they don't but they have a telepathic connection.
the path web I did a master delete, on all the information concerning the Doctor 
You made them forget me
here comes the door... even the Doctor could not hack into the path web.....
Oswin is getting ready... picking up her bags, she tells 11 to come in..
Oswin we have a problem. 
The Doctor is in a white plane room. He is being watched on a camera
No, we don't joined the Alaska to see the universe ended up stuck in a shipwreck first time out
rescue me chin boy... Show me the stars
Does it look real to you? Does it seem real? its a dream Oswin
You dreamed if, for the reality was too terrible 
where am I The camera, pans around  Where am I? There is a Dalek chained to the wall. Oswin
Where am I, Where am I 
Because you are Dalek
I am not a Dalek, I am not a Dalek.
It was Oswin, who left the ladder in place, the trail that the Dr and Amy followed. Oswin had crashed, and survived. She was captured by the Daleks,
Because you right you're a genius The Daleks need genius, they didn't just make you a puppet they did a full conversion
Where am I? Oswin I am so sorry, but you are a Dalek, the milk Oswin!
The milk, and the eggs, for the soufflés where did it all come from?
I am not a dalek, I am human, 
The eggs, it was never real. It was never real. 
I am a Dalek, 
egg-termin-ate EXTERMINATE
Oswin /Dalek gets free...She chants Exterimnate. It/she moves to attack the Doctor
Than she stops, she cries

Why do they hate you, They hate you so much, why?(SCENE SHIFTS BETWEEN OSWIN AND THE DALEK)I fought them, many times
They have grown stronger in fear of you
I know, tried to stop than run WHAT DID YOU SAY
I've taken down the forcefield..The Daleks above have begun their attack  run
I  am Oswin Oswald fought the Daleks, and I am Human... insists Oswin
Remember me
Thank you
Run you clever boy, and remember 
Fighting breaks out, energy beams, scatter among the corridor. The Doctor
Rory asks his wife, how long can they wait
the rest of our lives.. (*)agreed
The Ponds embrace, the Doctor, gets on the teleport, lets go!
Dalek missiles hit the asylum planet
Aboard the Dalek spaceship the Dalek  Parliament is assembled.
The Aslyum is destroyed, incoming teleport from Asylum plant we are under attack prepare to defend. defend, defend defend explain Dalek supreme
You guys should really have seen this coming states the last of the time lords, I am a whizz with teleports he boasts or to put it another way suckers
identify yourself, The Hannah mother drone, asks of the Doctor, ( Who is baiting the Daleks with his head outside the Tardis door. The Tardis has materialised about the Dr and the Ponds)
The Doctor, the predator, the oncoming storm. Titles are not meaningful in this context
Doctor who?Doctor who? doctor who?
Oswin, has erased all memories the Daleks had of the doctor
Doctor who?
Fellas your never going to stop asking, the Doctors parting shot.
The Doctor drops his friends off at earth, there is moment just after he leaves.. Amy tells Rory to come in, Rory punches the air in triumph
I can see you. 
Rory chastised follows his wife, indoors. 
We end with the Doctor dancing around the control panel of the Tardis
Doctor Who, Doctor who!



Was Hannah's mother supposed to be a Thal?
 Nice to see the ruins of Skaro.

I felt geniune dismay, when Rory and Amy where getting a divorce. Is nothing sacred? This was the big shock in the episode. I knew the Doctor would beat the Daleks. I was worried about the Ponds.
It turns out, the ponds are dealing with something important, childlessness. Now, according to the Cartmel master plan, the Timelords, are supposed to be sterile, I wonder if this will be picked up. The Doctor has lost his family too.

Another point which comes to mind. Is Amy and Rory's relationship predicated on excitement. Isn't it true that Rory does, and did love Amy more. Rory had loved Amy most of his life. Rory kind of had a point. When he said, he loved her more. She kicked him, out and he still took her back.

``It is known''--- Surely a Game of thrones reference.

Amy's fever dream-Battlestar Galactica? The Six and Baltar scenes

The Predator and the oncoming storm, as well as the enemy of the Daleks. Well, we won't be hearing the titles anymore.

Dalek Zombies, well I guess that was inevitable. Given the tropes of the day.  The Daleks making a conversion of Oswin is interesting. We have seen the series mess about with Human/Dalek hybrids every now and then.
 and even I suppose going back beyond that.

The other side of the coin, is the Daleks, have been portrayed as the ultimate racists.There the Nazi anaglogue, that Terrance Dicks always believed.
 Even the tiniest part of humanity, leads them to exterminate it. So changing Oswin into a Dalek and the other Daleks letting her live Would have been a controversial decision on behalf of the Daleks. On the other hand, I suppose this was a flaw in the defence system. The defence system, turns everything into a Dalek, but the Daleks where too arrogant, to believe that anything could survive the transformation, and besides Oswin was trapped in the Asylum not walking the street

Oswin barricaded into her house, also leans towards Zombie mythos

My my Oswin is pretty...She looks like an Anglo version of Christina ricci...

We saw the human duplicates in Victory of the Daleks. The Paisley boy, who was a robot, but had a bomb inside him. The Special weapons Dalek from Remembrance of the Daleks  is there

Both Oswin and Miss Hartigen (  r have managed to turn the tables on the Daleks and Cyber men and convert there converters. It must be something about Brunettes
File:Next Doctor.jpg

( Claimed under fair use  This is Ms H, from the the next Doctor)

I went through some wild mass guessing here. I swore I heard the music from
Remembering Harold Saxon,  I thought Oswin, is a time lord. That is why she can hack the Daleks. She is linked to the Master. That's why she does not need the bracelet. I was wondering if Mrs Saxon had, a daughter. The Master had a wandering eye after all. I guess they did all this with River Song, and we won't see the Time Lords, this season. A pity.

I actually forgot the Vulcan reference, and I thought of the other Vulcan

Surely there is a meta  reference to Oswald and the mind destroying machine the eye. An old Doctor Who magazine or comic story.

We have seen a lot of this before. Amy was being transformed into a weeping Angel, in the past. There is the  parrellel with miss harigen. A ghost in the machine is not a new, idea, in SF. One new idea was to put the Doctor at a disadvantage, and have Oswin in his role. The one who knows what's going on, the one who can hack the Dalek technology. Didn't love save Craig in Closing time. I get the point, its the humanity triumphing over the inhumanity but we have seen the a lot often...

It was nice to see, the special weapons Dalek. I don't think it was as strong as a season ope the impossible astronaut but It picked up, at the end.

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